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Published on January 12th, 2011 | by Cameron Woolsey

CES-Hands-On Turtle Beach PX 5 Headset

Greg and I said that we would be back with full impressions so here they are! Hope you’re excited for the PX 5 because it is amazing. Keep reading to find out why:


When it comes to gaming headsets, there are few who do it better than the folks at Turtle Beach. Their last major headset, the X41 for the Xbox 360, was viewed as the very best there could be. How could they do better than the X41 which had Dolby 7.1 and was completely wireless? Their answer to that was not to make the headset simply sound better, but offer the kind of programmability and features that could cater to any type of gamer; from the hardcore who want complete control over wha t their headset could accomplish, to the regular gamers who want superior audio for any console. What they came up with is the Turtle Beach Ear Force PX 5.

After I was given the headset by Christopher Bridle, Senior Community Marketing Manager–squelching my overwhelming desire to run out the door–I put it on to listen to a battle currently happening in a game of Halo: Reach. The sound was crisp and clean and the Dolby 7.1 brought a tear to my eye but I didn’t pick up any major difference between the audio quality of the PX 5 versus the X41. Another thing that remains the same is the cradle which is exactly like the one for the X41 only black. We were told that there was nothing they could do to really improve on it so they kept it the same.

The real differences begin to take form more on the technical side of things. If you visit the Turtle Beach website they include the PX 5 under the PlayStation 3 category but the headset could be used for both the major systems (unless you think Reach is PS3 bound; if so you’re an dumb ass). The reason for this is that the PX 5 is optimized for bluetooth so the PS3 will be able to read it and you will be able to use the mic whenever you want to go online with Resistance 2 or Killzone 3.

The bluetooth, however, can connect to more than just the PS3. During the demonstration when Greg was wearing the headset, the man in charge connected his personal phone with the headset and began to play music. Both music and game audio flowed out of the speakers and using the separate audio adjusters on each cup you can increase or decrease the volume for the bluetooth device or the game audio depending on how much you want to hear of either.

Here is a handy little guide showing how the bluetooth works.

Since the headset is connected to the phone, you can also take calls. I was actually able to talk to Greg while he wore the headset. When the phone makes a noise, such as a text or ringtone, the overall volume will mute slightly so you can hear it and will continue to be low until the end of the call. Afterwards, the volume will return to what it was before.

Bad ass.

You should also be able to connect the headset to a PC but I’m not entirely sure if it can be used directly with the PC much like the PS3 or not. I’ll throw out an email to Turtle Beach and update when I hear the word.

Bluetooth with the PX 5 is something that Turtle Beach wanted for consumers who want to play their games without being completely shut off from the world. It gives them the ability to listen to Slayer from their phone while talking grandma blowing someone’s freakin’ face off without having to go completely out of the game to do it. In fact that might make it even better.

But if it was just bluetooth that made the PX 5 really special then we wouldn’t be as excited. However, there is a revolutionary new feature that comes with this headset that will set it apart from any other for years to come.


I had only briefly laid eardrum to Turtle Beach and its product. There was a pair of PX21’s at a friend’s house when I began to understand the experience and the importance of quality sound. After getting some hands on time with the PX 5s, there was no question that the experience would leave me thinking of various illegal activities to involve myself in order to get to own my own pair of these mind blowing clouds-floating-around-ear heaven.

The most important part to the set is one thing that I think all gamers can appreciate. Whether you are that weekend warrior who submerges themselves in the man cave and plays CoD until your eyes are bloodshot or if you are that hardcore head-shooter that aims your crosshairs at jerk who was talking trash in the lobby screen simply to mock your “girlie” gamertag. Well, this set’s for you.

For the upper hand, the shot, or the winning kill, the Turtle Beach PX 5’s break down the sound so you can break down your opponents. The software that will become available upon release gives gamers the ability to draw on varying wavelengths of sound and change the threshold in order to hear that sound over others during gameplay. For example, enjoy emptying a carton full of bang on a hot tin roof? Find the sound of shells falling, raise the threshold, and listen to them clang while you mow down a few members of the opposing team. Interested in close combat? Lower all of the other muffled sounds and focus in on footsteps in the floor above you. Players will hone in on more senses than Daredevil himself.

In this scene I could hear the Needle Rifle ringing in from behind, center while jammin’ to Lil’ Wayne, ya dig!

From what we were also informed of, players will be able to share their presets on something similar to a Turtle Beach forum. For example, someone that might be looking for a great preset for Dead Space that wont leave them stumbling around in the dark waiting for surprise. Voila! At least you will reduce the risk of urinating or soiling your undergarments with a little edge on those Necromorphs.

By allowing gamers to customize their audio environment, the PX5 gives them an opportunity to take charge of their console gaming experience in ways that have never before been available” says Carmine Bonanno, President and CEO.

If you enjoy spending a good portion of your time behind the wheel of cars you could never afford, even if you won the lottery, these might give you the racing advantage. In games like Grand Turismo 5, there might be a preset to assist in your skills. Pushing the sound wave of a car behind you that is trying to pass will become instinct instead of veering back to check your blindside. Developers will have a more advanced and precise tool in the hopes of producing possible “official” presets for certain games. Unfortunately, no further information could be released at this time. If you need Maryland car accident lawyer with certified physician and nurse on staff to assist in the preparation of personal injury, motor vehicle and negligence cases. Learn more at marylandaccident.com

Look for the PX5’s : Spring 2011
MSRP: $249.95

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