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Published on January 11th, 2011 | by Cameron Woolsey

Hands-On Impressions: Beyond Good and Evil HD

It’s hard to call Beyond Good and Evil a “cult classic” or a “sleeper hit” since it really wasn’t much of a hit, even with the cults. It was a game that was launched with barely a whisper of commercialization and it hit the bargain bin faster than most people were able to realize it was on the shelves in the first place. The game only really found much success based on word-of-mouth from people who spoke well of it in forums (that’s how I heard of it) or to friends or family.

Yet the game was good, actually very good, but it was practically forgotten after it launched. However, even after seven years, it seems that Ubisoft hasn’t yet given up on the franchise. In 2008 a teaser trailer was shown at Ubidays that breathed new life into the franchise and sent fans squealing like Pey’j with delight. Now, an HD re-mastering of the game is well under way and I was able to play it during Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE party during CES. And it is still just as good as ever.

HD re-mastering of games seems to be a new trend. While not every re-mastering is going to be worth it in the end, seeing a under-appreciated game like Beyond Good and Evil get another chance makes it all the worthwhile.

So what’s new, you may ask? The game is going to be given a complete overhaul and not just in the visuals but with the audio as well. The game will sport new higher-res textures and sharp, clean graphics. The soundtrack will also be re-mastered though I can’t vouch for that since the party was so loud that I could barely hear it so we will just have to take Ubisoft’s word for it.

The game will feature Trophies and Achievements plus it will have support for online leaderboards. I asked the Ubisoft Producer who was demoing the game if there will be more added, but he told me that Ubi wasn’t planning on adding anything else.

The game still plays just as well as before. The first cave level in the game looked impressive and the controls responded smoothly. While I was playing I also noticed that the game was running at a full 60 frames-per-second which also helped to make the game look even better. Nothing different has been changed for the gameplay. You still have to take pictures in order to gain currency and Jade can use her porkish partner Pey’j to help her defeat enemies.

So far the game plays great and looks even better. While a date isn’t set yet players should look forward to once again enter the world of Hillys sometime this Spring.

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