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Published on January 11th, 2011 | by Cameron Woolsey

CES-Sunflex Demos New PS3 snakebyte Hardware and Hands-On Impressions

Wading through the crowded North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center I finally spotted the snakebyte logo hanging above a small booth-my destination. Not long ago I reported that Sunflex will be unveiling their new PlayStation Move controllers during CES. While visiting the trade show I was able to try out these new controllers myself and I now have a pretty good feel for them.

PS3 Move Controller Front:

Move Motion Controller on left, Navigation Controller on the right.

PS3 Move Controller Back:

As you can see, the two devices do not differ too dramatically from Sony’s own brand. However, each controller comes with a rubber grip and performs just as equally well and for less cash. Both of the controllers feel solid in-hand and the rubber grips let me have a firmer hold over the two controllers. Gamers who are prone to perspiration while flinging their hands in the air should take note.

There is one thing I should mention, however. The Move Motion controller will look a little different than the image posted. The reason, I was told, is that Sony had some concerns with the current design of the controller. What they were concerned about I didn’t catch but I was told that the change will not be a dramatic one.

Snake-Eye Camera:

The Snake-Eye Camera replaces the PlayStation Eye and comes with a mounting clip for flat-screen TVs plus a 10 meter (30 ft.) cable for those who have their consoles placed far from their televisions.

The price of the Move Motion Controller will be $49.99, same as the price of the Sony brand controller. The Move Navigation Controller will ship for $24.99 and the Snake-Eye Camera for $29.99, $5 and $10 less than the Sony brand respectively.

I was also able to check out their brand new PS Move Charger which is built to charge a set of Move controllers plus three USB devices.

The USB connector on the back can be used as a docking station for the Sony Sixaxis controller.

For better comparison of other chargers:

Along with these new toys, I was also shown their new Premium Bluetooth Remote which was announced during the show.

Meow, you may be wondering why you would need another bluetooth PS3 remote especially if you already own one. Well, this remote is designed with many special features that the Sony brand remote does not share. First, every button will have backlight illumination which will be activated via motion sensor. The display will also be lit and you can change the color of the backlight with the press of a button. The screen also displays the time and the current room temperature.

The remote can be linked to five different devices and it is pre-programmed for both the Xbox 360 and the PS2. The remote comes with a built-in Li-Ion battery which is charged via USB port. The USB port will also be used to firmware updates.

I was told that the final design of the remote will feature black buttons instead of the transparent ones in the picture above.

All-in-all, Sunflex had a fairly impressive showing during CES 2011. All of these devices are scheduled to hit during this Spring so start saving up soon and be sure to keep your browsers locked on GAMINGtruth.com for more on these devices and other snakebyte products coming soon.

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