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Published on January 7th, 2011 | by Louis Garcia, Contributor

Weekly Round-Up: CES

Hello, readers. This week is all about CES news and remembering last year. Find out our picks for the best and worst in gaming for 2010, and what we are looking forward to in 2011. We even put our picks together in both an article and podcast form for you! Now onto the news.

The truth:

Mr. Spencer is right about nobody playing Beyond Good and Evil last console generation. Fortunately, I’m in the small 10 percent of gamers who played and loved Ubisoft’s title about aliens that happened to ooze 1984 totalitarian government style. Typically I don’t buy copies of games I already own—especially of the downloadable kind—but the chance that sales from this HD XBLA and PSN update may increase the likelihood of a much-needed sequel may just see this on my hard drive come release day.

Find out what’s in store for gamers in the Signature Edition of Dragon Age II.

Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 has been dated and priced. It’s sure to be a swinging good time with the return of the developers who took the NES classic and remade it into HD.

We have a story trailer for Killzone 3 featuring the ghastly Helghast!

Xenogears and other hit RPGs coming to PSN.

The Tomb Raider Trilogy collects three of Lara’s better adventures for the PlayStation 3. Yikes! February and March are looking pretty bad for wallets across the country…

Razer Switchblade concept.

Kinect is selling like a Nintendo product. Also, find out how the make-you-look-stupid contraption works.

The reviews:

Do you like cute? Do you like games? Then check out ilomilo!

It’s not perfect, but fans of Back to the Future and video games will enjoy this time-traveling point and click adventure.

That’s it for this week, GT readers. Stay tuned for more CES news from our team of writers currently traversing the mythical wonderland of techology!

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