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Published on January 7th, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

CES-iBuyPower. iMpressive.

After meeting with George Yang, Product Manager for iBuyPower, it was no wonder why he was excited and enthusiastic about the products that were going to be released this February. The Switchblade is not the only drool-worthy upcoming gaming laptop. Here is a quick look at the Battalion Touch CZ-12. This gaming laptop shows off its touch screen profiles as well as its ability to handle image zooming out and in with almost no lag. Oh yeah, Civ. 5 and Starcraft II looked cool too.

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This was not the only beast that was lurking behind closed doors. For those out there looking to shell out the funds, or even purchase on the more comparable end, iBuyPower offers a few stealthy options. Not to mention that one of these bad boys was running a nice Deus Ex demo.

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The final mother of all machines was waiting in the other room. The “Erebus” illuminated the room in its atomic blue, although unable to showcase its abilities, George Yang boasted its overclocked capabilities.

As specs become available, we will have them for you. Look for these systems and prices to drop sometime around February 2011.

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