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Published on January 5th, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Review: ilomilo

Who ever thought a tale of absent minded friendship could turn into such a heartfelt story? Well, ilo meeting milo is a tale as old as, tiny-thumb-being, meets other tiny-thumb-being. Thanks to SouthEnd Interactive and Microsoft Game Studios, we now have the pleasure of introducing these to creatures into a new home on the Xbox LIVE Arcade.

They cry because of your inability to love them.

The goal of the game, for those that did not partake in the demo, is to reunite ilo with milo. For those also playing the who’s-who, ilo or “ilona,” is the red character and milo, or milton, is the blue. As told through the unfolding story, every night the map geography changes and the two are left frantically searching for one another.

All these two want are to be reunited and enjoy a lovely day at the park with some tea. Really. Collect pieces of memory and little creatures known as “safkas” in order to complete the full level and get one step closer to reuniting the duo. Do this in the minimal amount of cube steps and watch your name shoot up that leaderboard list. Casual gamers will enjoy the playthrough, while those looking for some challenges will definitely have their work cut out for them completing every level 100%. Guide the two over artsy cubes while the gentle, yet ever so awesome, soundtrack strums along in the background.

Although the game offers a great storyline to play through on your own, there are a couple of other items that give this game some longevity. With multiplayer, bonus levels, and the inclusion of other mini games, there is a ton of replay value packed into this 800 MS Point game. ilomilo Shuffle is a great unlockable game that will have you reaching for that achievement that goes along with it. Just do not let Cam ruin your first run leaving you at 498 points when all you need is 500 in order to get that achievement. Thanks again Cam. Aside from the small rant, the achievements, gallery items, and the crossover ability with A World of Keflings and Raskulls makes for a great experience.

While guiding these two around the map, it is easy to get lost in the level design. The goal of topsy turvey puzzle solving goes from front burner to back after taking a moment to admire the level design. It is hard not to compare the art style to that of another game featuring a certain “sack,” but this art does makes for a beautiful adventure. The characters, items, and the fact that I have never been so pleased to play an underwater level stand testament to the games polished look.

The controls of the game were easy to use and offered great fluidity. The LS moves your character from cube to cube. Pushing the direction once will aim your character, while hitting that direction again will move them.The Y button picks up/drops a cube. The X button switches between the characters. There are only two camera options that can be changed with the Y button as well. The outer view gives a distanced view of the level you are playing. Moving the RS can also maneuver the camera around your character, but does not allow for a 360 degree view. The directional pad gives players the ability to change costumes if unlocked from Raskulls or A World of Keflings.

The only real negative that was found in the game only hindered moments of gameplay. While in Chapter 4: Dreamer, there was a minor setback that resulted in restarting the level over. When I had an elevator block, the other pop up block would not let me get closer to drop and pick up the extender. Although I couldn’t move from the space I was in, I was also able to grab the extender block from two spaces away. The block was acquired, but the two were left in an awkward distance that would not allow for the passing of blocks.

Final Truth: ilomilo is a blend of imagination, art, and an ever so pleasing soundtrack. The puzzles are mind-bending and the levels are something that you will be amazed with. There was only a minute setback during gameplay, but the levels can be restarted and I did not encounter any other problems after that tiny glitch. The levels are fun and may give you a run for your money. There are also bonus levels and four chapters of regular gameplay. There is a ton of replay value packed into this 800 MS Point game and is definitely worth your hard earned points.

[xrr label=”Rating: 9.5/10″ rating=9.5/10]

+/ Minor in-game issues

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