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Published on January 5th, 2011 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

CES-8 Million Kinects Sold!!

During Microsoft’s CES Press Conference, they have released the holiday sales figures for Kinect. Their goal was to sell 5 Million Kinect sensors this holiday and in-turn sold 8! That is a hefty amount of sensors that flew off stores shelves this holiday. If you were in the hunt this holiday for a Kinect, you may have noticed the inevitable “Sold Out” signs everywhere. They also went on to announce that you will be able to control Netflix and Hulu later this spring with your Kinect.  On top of selling 8 Million Kinects, Steve Balmer also announced that they have pushed over 50 Million Xbox 360’s out since launch. Congrats to Microsoft, it looks like 2010 was their year!

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