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Published on December 30th, 2010 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

Dead Rising 2: Case West Review

Dead Rising 2: Case West

Release Date: December 28, 2010

ESRB Rating: M

Publisher: Capcom

Developer: Blue Castle Games

Genre: Action/Adventure

Platforms: Xbox 360

If you read my review for Dead Rising 2 back in September, you may already know that I was a big fan of this game, not to mention the franchise. The DLC prologue “Case Zero” was a huge success for Capcom, so a follow up DLC pack was inevitable. “Case West” was announced and to everybody’s surprise we see the return of Dead Rising 1’s protagonist Frank West so get ready to venture into the Zombrex plant with Chuck and Frank to unravel what has been happening with the zombie outbreak and clear Chuck’s name, who is still being framed for the outbreak. Case West is a stand alone download and will not require you to own the Dead Rising 2 disc. It does not record over any game saves you may have, or have any benefit to the game itself.

Case West is a co-op adventure, as you could imagine. Player 1 will control Chuck while player 2 will take control of Frank. You will have to find friends that have this DLC to play with since Case West does not support local play. If you elect to venture into the Zombrex plant alone, the game’s AI will control Frank. Take it from me that you will prefer to play this game co-op due to the fact that the AI is not very smart. On the other hand Frank cannot die so if you need a helping hand to get back to your feet, AI Frank is very useful. If you are a fan of cinematics between scenes, the conversations that Chuck and Frank have are hilarious to watch. Especially with a Teddy Bear head on your character.

Many of Dead Rising 2’s fun mechanics make a return. There are a couple more weapon combination’s you can make, and there are plenty of parts and weapons in the factory. There is plenty of food, and mixes for the blender scattered around as well, and like many people were wondering, there is plenty of photos you can take, as Frank’s camera makes a return to the franchise. Just like Dead Rising 1, the photos can earn you PP, which will go into your experience meter. You start the game out already at level 40, but with weapon combos and camera shots you can level up to 50 by the end of the game.

Case West does have the ever so aggravating timed missions and bathroom saves. There are also survivors that need rescuing as well, but this time you do not have to bring them back to a safe house. This time around Chuck and Frank just have to help them what ever tight spot they got themselves into, and the survivors will then become saved and run off on their own. On top of fighting off hordes of zombies, you will also have to fight off security guards of the factory and zombie hunters. Just remember the convicts from the first game and you have an idea of the trouble the hunters can put you in.

Capcom also addressed the horrible load times that “Case Zero” and Dead Rising 2 had. Even though they are still a little over done, the loads are a bit quicker and become almost forgettable after the first couple loads. There is also a lot of downtime in between missions as well. There is three cases to solve in this pack, but the time in between is dreadful. If you are an achievement junkie, you can put the downtime to excellent use. Be sure to also check out the “Left 4 Dead” Easter Egg hidden within the facility.

The Final Truth:

Case West was a great time. The DLC will take you about 2 hours to complete and will have you coming back multiple times. This is what the Co-Op in Dead Rising 2 should have had all along. Even though the Co-Op in Dead Rising 2 was fun, but playing with two Chuck Greens was a bit odd. I was pleased to see Capcom address some of the problems that Dead Rising 2 and Case Zero had, with load times, co-op mechanics and constantly having to return survivors. Now you have to just fight with survivors to save them, Load times are almost cut by 50%, and co-op works much better than Dead Rising 2 (Hell It’s FRANK WEST!!!). Well worth the 800 MS points that the game is currently selling at, Case West offers something a little refreshing to Dead Rising fans. You get a lot of what you loved and some, and as I said before: “WELCOME BACK FRANK WEST”!

[xrr label=”Rating: 8/10″ rating=8/10]

+ Great Co-Op

+ Quicker Load Times


+ Interesting story line

+ Weapon combos are fun and interesting

– Bathroom saves (Why??)

– Timed missions

– Zombie Hunters become a pain

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