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Published on December 29th, 2010 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Review: Raskulls

You must be out of your dang skull not to like Raskulls. HalfBrick geared up to make this part puzzler, racer, and action platform a full-swing homerun. Get ready to zap, trap, and slap your enemies throughout 60 levels of running, platforming mayhem. Oh yeah, one more thing. Raskulls has a cheat code for your character to sport a nice mustache during the game. Someone out there reading this review just threw down their mouse and picked up their controller to search for Raskulls on the XBLA.

One of the best things about Raskulls is the variation in gameplay and selectable characters. Playing through levels unlocks new characters available in the online multiplayer. Levels take on a few different types of goals. Players go up against the clock or simply come out as the top contender. If you have the patience to try replay levels for the best time, you might be rewarded with a sweet character unlock or a higher position on the Xbox LIVE leaderboards. The power-ups play a huge role in these levels to outrun enemies or win some serious races.

Activating your frenzy bar speeds up your performance while collecting more jars containing this mysterious goo keeps the parade marching on. Players also can pick up gift wrapped goodies that hold different power ups to activate on those frantic runs to the end. Zap some blocks into oblivion, or strategically cut chunks out of them for some goal specific levels.

The control layout is simple. The A button jumps while the B button is used to zap colored blocks and make them disappear. The Y button activates the little “gift” boxes you pick up, which are various power-ups throughout the level. The LT/LB activates your frenzy which would be equivalent to a star in Super Mario. Well, similar to a star that has consumed 15 energy drinks and was being electrocuted by cattle prods. Oh yeah, it’s that awesome.

The only negative that can really be said about the game is the story mode length. For an action platformer, it is a little on the short end. With that being said, what would a hybrid racing game be without a Grand Prix? Take on the variations of the Grand Prix for some more zap’em up action and win awards for coming in the top ranks. If you already have A World of Kefling’s or going to be purchasing ilomilo, well then select those characters as they are represented in this crossover title. There is also the quick race option to take out a quick run through.

Final Truth: Raskulls offers a spoon full of awesome to help the kick ass go down nice and smooth. Although the game may be short in the story mode department, unlockables, new levels, and local/online multiplayer will have you tied up for countless hours of fun. Not to mention the game has some of the greatest comical dialog since Mel Brooks. Raskulls keeps the trend of Microsoft’s “Games for the Holidays” going with yet another great title. Especially for that nice 800 point price tag, it is definitely worth the MS Point-bank-drain.

[xrr label=”Rating: 9/10″ rating=9/10]

+Unlockables/Achievements/Cheat codes
+/ Difficulty

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