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Published on December 27th, 2010 | by Cameron Woolsey

Frank West Now on the Scene

Today Capcom has released the highly-anticipated prologue to Dead Rising 2, Case West. In this new DLC pack players will be able to jump online and play co-op as either Dead Rising 2 protagonist Chuck Greene or the series’ original one man army, Frank West.

The ultimate zombie killing duo has been formed!

The pack will feature all-new settings to play in and will bring back the photography gameplay element from the original in order to take some FAN-tastic pictures to investigate between Phenotrans and the Fortune City outbreak. New items will also be available to allow players to create new weapons such as the abomination below which looks like a stick with a samurai sword and what looks like a sickle attached to either end.

I do not know what the hell this is. But I want it.

Unfortunately for you PS3 owners, Frank covers wars, but not the PlayStation. The Case West DLC pack is exclusive to Xbox 360 and will sell for 800 MS Points or $10. Below is the official launch trailer and a gameplay trailer showing off all the new things you can do with the pack. Enjoy!

Launch Trailer:


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