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Published on December 24th, 2010 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Review: A Moon for the Sky

A Moon for the Sky is a pick up and play title from EggBall, published by BulkyPix. Fly through space picking up bits of gravitating stars, all the while either avoiding or using elements to maneuver the levels. Take on the sky with your customized moon or simply play to no possible end in sight.

A Moon for the Sky is a creative and relaxing experience. It features varying levels of difficulty in level design, but does offers an easy to use interface for anyone to really pick up and play. Drawing lines keeps your moon-on-a-string shooting through space and not falling back down by providing a safety net to bounce from.

A few features did seem like somewhat of a down grade for an iPhone game. Although there is plenty of room for “moon” customization, when it came to gathering more points, players might have to choose to add real scratch in order to unlock these “moons” in the game. Fear not, completing the maps and offering other playthroughs are where you can gather stars for these purchases. Players can play through levels and try to beat their original time or blast off for a never ending exploration of physics and line drawings.

The added value of continuously shooting through space with no limit is great, but gamers to want to have some conclusion to a story. This is one thing that did lack in A Moon for the Sky. Even if there was some setup or unfolding as to why we were visiting all of these constellations, it would have given finality to the game and to its exploration.

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Final Truth: A Moon for the Sky shows off some smooth gameplay and some great music. The controls are very responsive and gives players an easy pick up and go style of play. The physics of the game are impressive and polished. Although there are a ton of things that made the game a positive experience, there is not much else to the game than star collection and time attack. Sometimes, it’s just you and the moon.

[xrr label=”Rating: 7/10″ rating=7/10]

Lacking customization
Replay value

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