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Published on December 22nd, 2010 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Review: A World of Keflings

“Well I can’t do that until I build the other area of the blueprint. This means I still need to build the atrium and gather other resources.” Cross out my given birth name and call me Mr. Kefling. It wasn’t too long before even yours truly was spending hours of time building and exploring the world of these puny creatures.

There is a lot more to A World of Keflings that meets the eye. Players can jump right into the story mode, go online for some friendly cooperative action, or just plain ensure that you are going to spend the holiday break locked inside the house fortifying more than that fruitcake weight. For the most part the game sets itself up as a wondrous world of these Kefling creatures and yourself as the giant who has come to their aid. Are they just really small, or are they average size and you are just really ginormous? Either way you look at it, these little pint size pals are ready to pitch in.

There is definitely an amount of team work you want to have when you play A World of Keflings. In the early stages when it comes to taking on smaller buildings, it is an easy task that any single giant can do. Bring a few parts here, process some rock there, and in the end grab some lumber for a few walls. As the game progresses, more elaborate blue prints are unlocked and it is almost necessary to have another helping giant hand in order for you to complete the tasks ahead. Especially when it comes to that ever so creepy witch, or the King who thinks that his majesticalism and his learning good are his strong points.

Production issues are sometimes resolved by strategically placing different factories and processing places next to one another. The use of Keflings to transport and level up let’s the village raise a city in no time flat. Although different tasks in the storyline hinder your efficiency, there are plenty of unlockables and new items that come from said events.

Emotes during gameplay give players actions they can do for their Keflings, other players, or to get that occasional dragon off of the roof. Unlocking of these emotes comes over time and can be use throughout gameplay. Here is an example of one of my favorites from yours truly.

Other things inside the game that are unique to AWoK is the use of cannons. Cannons in a family game? Adjust the height, the tone, or the instrument and let the Keflings fly. Want ninja’s to shoot out while your Kefling fires out? Done! There are plenty of variations to shoot these little ones out of, so set up and get creative.

The control scheme easily translates this simplified version of Civilization into a family playable game that offers controls almost anyone can use. The directional pad is used to activate those all important emotes, while the joysticks move your giant and swivel the camera. The RB and LB buttons are used to control your blueprints while the triggers activate the Xbox LIVE multiplayer and denote an important task that is next on your list of things to do. Other things on that list may or may not include kicking these tiny creatures, slapping them for level ups, or beating down the occasional building. Picking up Keflings with the A button allows you to move them, give them another task, or remove their work “hat” with the Y button. The ease at which you use these buttons does take a slight learning curve, but it becomes easy to pull up menus and sort those plans to build a city.

When it comes to control of the camera, there could have been a greater sense of the Kefling world if there was a more loose camera. The swing of the camera moves to show about 300º and then rubber-bands back to the initial position. When building more elaborate blueprints, it is very important that you see all angles of what items you set down for the plan. It may become frustrating to some if you have all the items you need, but they were not lined up correctly due to an angle that you cannot simply see. It does allow for zooming in and zooming out, but blueprints with a lot of supplies might be hard to read for some players.

Other small issues that did not really hinder the gameplay were things like having your Avatar mine or dig, but get stuck doing the action without any completion. There were a few times while mining some crystals that my avatar was stuck jabbing his mining rod over and over, then once again on Sunday. The action simply cancelled and then started again. This did not really hinder any gameplay, but when you have a university going up in just a few short moments, timing is everything.

Final Truth:

A World of Keflings offers some great play out of such a simple game. The storyline is funny and quirky, but if it is played like its intended, you might need to do some explaining for the younger generation wielding the sticks. The game is only 800 MS Points which is already a huge win. Replay value is very high. If you only get to play the game once, you can always try the second time playing with or without a friend. There are some slight camera issues, but if you like mining for supplies and constructing cities, then let the city planner in you scream out with joy.

[xrr label=”Rating: 8/10″ rating=8/10]

+ Presentation
+ Crossover title
+ Unlockables/Achievements
+ Multiplayer
Camera/Movement issues
Button customization

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