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Published on December 21st, 2010 | by Cameron Woolsey

Mass Effect 2 Demo hits PSN

At long last PlayStation owners will know the joy that Commander Shepard has brought to Xbox fans for the last few years. Well, maybe not yet but they will get to play it early thanks to the Mass Effect 2 demo that hit the PS Store earlier today.

The full game will ship to retail stores in North America on January 18, 2011 and in Europe January 21, 2011. The game will include all of the bonus DLC missions all on one disc. Viva la Blu-ray! But how can gamers who are new to the Mass Efffect universe catch up with the story since the original game won’t be available? Easy, after the first explosive moments of the game there will be an interactive comic called Mass Effect Genesis by Dark Horse Comics which will show all of the major moments of the previous game. This will help gamers to make their decisions on how their Commander Shepard will be formed for Mass Effect 2 and, eventually, for Mass Effect 3 which launches simultaneously on all three platforms Holiday 2011 (we hope).

Mass Effect 2 will also be using the latest graphics engine which will be featured with Mass Effect 3. If you don’t know what that means then let me make it simpler: The PlayStation 3 version of Mass Effect 2 will be the definitive copy. It will include all of the extra DLC packs, plus an interactive comic, plus it will look even better on the PS3 than the Xbox 360 thanks to the new engine. Got it now? Good. Now go play it and be sure to put in your pre-order now.

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