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Published on December 17th, 2010 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

DC Universe Online Preview

Imagine creating a super hero or villain to take a stance with the rest of the DC Universe. Sure there were some other companies that tried to make a solid MMORPG that focused on heroes vs. villains (City of Heroes / Villains comes to mind), but DC is looking to take that one giant leap forward. Although DC Universe Online will release on the PC as well, we got a chance to participate in the closed beta that is currently taking place. When playing, I do not feel that this was a game designed to become a WOW (World of Warcraft) killer. This game will be for the comic book fan that is looking for something different than a standard “click” “attack” premise. I sense “City of Heroes” players switching games awfully quick.

After creating my character, I was amazed at the close resemblance to Infamous this game had. The cities themselves resembled the 2009 PS3 hit in direct comparison, and even some of the games animations and fluidity was reminiscent of infamous. Combat was pretty smooth as well. There were combos that characters can pull off to defeat foes, so that way you are not strictly bound by spec trees for combat strength. Keep in mind that you can’t spam combos by performing them in rapid succession due to the cool down mechanic that is implemented after three usages. Each character in the DC Universe has different traits and abilities. You can choose to be a martial arts brute (like Batman) or you can obtain the ability to fly and perform air combat moves (like Superman). You can learn other DC character signature traits throughout the game and develop your own unique power. One thing is for sure, I have seen an abundance of Deadpool knock offs!

Graphically the game does look gorgeous. Aside from animation hiccups, and the lack of face customization at the character create screen leave a little to be desired, but overall the game runs smooth. I know that Sony has taken a bit longer on the product to ensure that servers, and codes are solid and perform up to high standards. Although there wasn’t a million of us playing at the same time, I do anticipate some lag and server issues on launch day. The team is hard at work on hunting and fixing bugs that could hamper their games progression and perform server lock downs. They are also working to balance the different classes in the game. DC Universe does feature three different class types. Tank, Healer, and Combat controller, that are broken up into six different classes. The max level to hit at launch will be 30, and your questing areas will range from Gotham City to Metropolis. There were be instances and raids, that will help your character garner strength, abilities and of course weapons. They do however take a page out of Blizzards book by incorporating PVP and battlegrounds. Of course you can blow the face off of an enemy player that is out questing, but enter into a battle arena will pit heroes against villains to fight to the death. Test those new abilities and weapons out in the BATTLE ARENAS.

There are some things that were not implemented into the game, that has the potential to make it in post launch. The ability to craft or create items will not make it into DC Universe. For everyone out there that was looking forward to the possibility of creating that unique cape or hero armor will be a bit disappointed. To the average WOW player, DC Universe will feel a bit simplistic. This game feels like a way to grasp the twenty people out there that have yet to play a MMO. The best news is that you don’t even need a computer to play it. Boot up your PS3, install and off you go.

The Final Truth:

DC Universe is going to be a good game when it finally launches in February. It is every comic book fan’s fantasy come true. DC fan that is. If you ever wanted to play an MMO that worked well with keyboard and mouse, and just as good on a standard PS3 controller this is it. Forget about playing City of Heroes or Villains and make the transition to DC Universe. This game draws attention and gets right what City of Heroes got wrong. We will have a full review of DC Universe when it ships early next year, so for the time being, get your pre-orders in and punch in the receipt information at the official DC Universe web site and enjoy the beta until January. It is well worth the time.

DS Universe Online               Sony Online Entertainment               $59.99

Playstation 3 & PC                                February 2011                      MMO/RPG

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