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Published on December 14th, 2010 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Anything You Can Do Microsoft Can Do Better. Hopefully.

Microsoft will be using the International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) as a soapbox for their new line of tablet PC’s. CEO Steve Ballmer will show off some devices from big hitting companies like Dell and Samsung. This might not mean much for the average gamer out there, but it will give consumers more variety in the choices they have for personal pad computers. Even with the evolution process of the iPad, we are already seeing game releases from iPhone to iPod Touch, then to iPad.

Seeing some of the other releases for games on the iPad was something I thought only snooty hipsters could wrap their brains around. Although many of the games are often remakes of popular titles, there has become a wide variety in the app world and with deals like Daily App Dream giving us a blend of paid for apps free, it might become a little more fun for the rest of us out there.

There is also speculation that newer tablets might not be ready in time. Other rumors floating around also indicate that folks like us at GAMINGtruth might be able to get an insight at Windows 8 during CES.

This might also be Microsoft’s biggest attempt to rival those haunting words of “thinking outside the PC.”

Here is the New York Times Article

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