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Published on December 13th, 2010 | by Cameron Woolsey

Indie Review: Decimation X3

Coming from indie developer, Xona Games, Decimation X3 is already making some big waves. A featured game in the Indie Games Winter Uprising and now, recently, the best-selling indie game in four countries. Not a bad resume for a little space shooter.

If you ever played Space Invaders then you already know how to play Decimation X3. You pilot a little ship and fire at dozens of alien ships as they slowly descend. Letting them touch down means instant defeat. Decimation X3 improves on the familiar formula by upping the speed and challenge while adding multiple power-ups to help you in the fight.

As you destroy enemies power-ups will be released and will slowly drop down to you. There are power-ups that allow you to fire multiple shots, increase bullet damage, and create a temporary barrier for your ship. You also don’t start out with the large shields normally expected from games using the Space Invaders formula. The shields will only appear once you grab the appropriate power-up and will either be strengthened or replenished with the acquisition of another power-up.

Delicious power-ups!

Just don’t expect the shields to save you for too long because these invaders fight back. Hard. You will only be sweating half as many bullets as the amount you will be frantically trying to dodge. Luckily if you stay alive long enough and gather as many weapon upgrades as possible you can dish it back just as hard. But that’s only if you survive that long. The game doesn’t make it easy on you and the frequent boss battles don’t offer any time to relax.

The madness! THE MADNESS!!!

The graphics are appropriately retro and the colors make it easy to stay on top of the action even when things are out of control. The audio is also retro-inspired and the music, designed by Imphenzia, is also pretty great. That is, when they both work. Occasionally when the action gets heated, the audio will cut off for about half a second. It doesn’t cut out very often or for that long but it’s still noticeable and distracting.

Decimation X3 supports co-op for up to four players simultaneously. The mode is a blast but things quickly become insane with the amount of action happening on-screen. But that shouldn’t keep you from playing it; it’s crazy but great with a bunch of friends.

Final Truth

Decimation X3 is a lot of fun in a small package. The gameplay is fast and the combination of pumping beats and endless projectiles will keep your adrenaline pumping and a smile on your face. If you ever wanted a faster Space Invaders with co-op support, look no further than Decimation X3. For just a dollar, you can’t go wrong.

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