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Published on December 2nd, 2010 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

Power Gig: Rise of the Six String Review

Power Gig: Rise of the Six String
Release Date: Oct. 26, 2010
Publisher: Seven 45 Studios
Developer: Seven 45 Studios
Genre: Music
Platforms: Xbox 360 [Reviewed], PS3

Seven45 Studios choose, not only the wrong month to release this game, but the wrong year as well. I can see this game being widely accepted back in 2007 when Rock Band was dropping, as Power Gig is a rhythm game that utilizes the techniques that Rock Band has been doing for years. You can play Power Gig with the standard plastic guitar that you have been collecting through out the years, or you can get it in a bundle that consists of a real, string guitar. This was the kicker for marketing this game. You essentially play the game band-style, and if you already have drums at home, use those. The drums, or should I say Air-Drums are very annoying to use, considering that the whole point of drumming is to actually hit something with sticks (that the bundle supplies you with). The drumsticks are equipped with some unique tech that reads how you swing the sticks. Good way to look silly, swinging sticks, pretending your beating drums.

Power Gig has a very odd game play mechanic. The fret highways that appear on screen while playing are absent from this game, and instead replace it with a zig-zag line that indicates which button to press. There is no highway, just a colorful heart beat monitor. It would have been beneficial for them to license out the highway from Harmonix, because using this style got to be very confusing and difficult to read. There is also no “Star Power” tilt either. If you want to initiate this ultimate score combos you have to hit the select button on the guitar.

Like many other music games out there, the story is next to non-existent. You play set lists and earn enough points to move on, and play more difficult songs. Pretty straight forward, except that this game has little to offer as far as good music to play through. There is no DLC to support the lack of a library, and sadly enough, the music could put some people to bed early.  It is nice to see bands like Dave Mathews Band, Eric Clapton, and Kid Rock appear on a music game but the songs choices from these artists does not measure up to their appearance.

Graphically the game looks like Guitar Hero 2, after the port. Some of the character models look blocky, and the audience you play in front of look like background animations of old Major League baseball games. The crowds have one motion of moving and that’s it.

The missing Bass Guitar takes away from the full Band play of this music game. You have Air Drum, Guitar, and Singer. No Bass guitar parts, so if you want another guitar player it will not happen in this game.

Final Truth:

Power Gig is a game that had an interesting premise that could have worked. Poor execution and timing crippled this title, even before it launched. Power Gig will teach new comers how to use a string guitar, as all bundles are equipped with them. I am also not a fan of music games hiding their songs behind a ridiculous story progression. If you are looking into the over priced bundle, I would steer clear. The game plays and functions better with guitars and drums that are already on the market and are cheaper in competitor’s bundles.  Wait for the disc itself to hit bargain bins this holiday. Maybe then it will appeal to some music enthusiasts.

[xrr label=”Rating: 3/10″ rating=3/10]

+      Bands that have never been in a music game before

+      Decent songs to play

–       Songs are locked behind the story mode

–       Horrible Fret highway

–       No Bass!

–       Horrible Story

–       Ugly Graphics

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