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Published on November 24th, 2010 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Shoot to Kill Review (iPhone)

Reviewer’s Note: This Game was Reviewed on the iPhone.

From the depths of hell comes a pleasant surprise in the iTunes App store. This top down shooter brings plenty of claustrophobia and anxiety right to your iPhone or iPod Touch. There is plenty of satisfaction when blasting your way out of this one.

The quality in games over the general App store is improving. With games like Space Miner Blast, which is a free app, to Shoot to Kill-which is only U.S. 0.99¢, there is plenty of shooting for the go around.

Shoot to Kill drops you right in the pits of carnage with nothing but a pulse and your semi-automatic grenade launcher. It helps to have a friend in sight. Waves of enemies start to smell life and must do all that they can to destroy you. New waves bring on new enemies and of course, new weaponry. Some of the weapons include the grenade launcher, chainsaw, and electrifying enemies to death-err dead-er, or just plain annihilation. As you ascend, each wave becomes more enduring and you must tap your kills strategically to survive.

The accuracy was right at least on this run through 🙂

Some of the great things about surviving to shoot another beast is that there are plenty of extra features that give the player some overall satisfaction. Things like achievements or the fact that you can strike up a local match over blootooth and play together are some great additions. There are also varying difficulties and survival mode. At the end of a wave, you can also see the number slain or how accurate your shots were. Also, it does not hurt the fact that you can still post scores to twitter or that Shoot to Kill is also a game-center game.

Closing comment: Shoot to Kill is an awesome addition to the App store. The game is an all around quality experience available for those looking for more than a Scrabble knock off with friends. There are some sites that deem it as “not worth it,” but download the free version and decide for yourself. There are plenty of waves to keep you busy as you ascend and the levels where nothing but the evil in their eyes glow, well, you just can’t beat that.

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[xrr label=”Rating: 8.5/10″ rating=8.5/10]

+Game Modes
+Music and Sounds
+/Changeable Weaponry
Shot Accuracy
Can be repetitive

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