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Published on November 19th, 2010 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Weekly Round-up: Games Galore, Tis’ the Season

There are a lot of great things about the holiday season; one of those is definitely not snacking on fruitcake for months on end. Why is that stuff strong enough to brick and mortar a house anyways? Video Games release largely in the holiday season and it sure is a pleasant thing for the gaming community, but not so much for our wallets. With new game releases comes a whole lot of announcements. Get ready children, this one is a doozy.

The truth:

We started the week with the hopes of a masked varmint hopefully making his return to the big scene. The Sly Collection showcases a nice teaser in the menu. The question mark that bolts into the last scene of the menu teaser has us asking, “Will Sly return?” And no, not “Sly” as in Sylvester Stallone. I do not think the world could stomach another Dredd movie let alone game.

Speaking of Stallone, boxing has come a long way since the Rocky films. Especially with the quality that the Fight Night franchise repeatedly improves and replicates. Fight Night Championship brings some hard hitting blows and some realistic gameplay.

Dr. Octopus and Spider-man will have at it again. Only this time on a pinball table. Zen Studios announced that it will showcase the best Marvel experience you could possibly imagine on a pinball table. You want your favorite Marvel hero to be featured in the game? Then make your way over to the Official Marvel Pinball Site to vote for the next character to be featured on a table.

Also, for the other Marvel fans out there, you will be satisfied with the Marvel V.S. Capcom 3 Limited Edition.

How do you spell Gears of War 3? Could it be KINECT? No one is exactly sure, but sawing someone in half with Kinect might be as close as you homicidal maniacs get to the real thing.

With so much hardcore shooter action going on, who could forget about Bulletstorm from Epic Games? More kick ass than an acre of donkey’s with kick-me-signs on their backs during a world cup game. Warning: Please take a moment to digest that last sentence.

In other jaw dropping gameplay news, check out this Deus Ex: Human Revolution gameplay trailer.

In other-other jaw dropping gameplay news,Wizards of Waverly Place: Spellbound for the Nintendo DS will be sure to have even the most hardcore gamer finding a soft spot for witchcraft. Cam also enjoys this as much as I do.

Electronic Arts continues to produce quality games on all ends of the spectrum. With some new MicroBot footage and games like Create adding to the already impressive archive, it’s no wonder we keep appreciating EA and their creativity.

Boomshakalaka! EA gets another commendation for bringing back titles like NBA Jam to consoles this week.

BioWare on the other hand offers us to “look closer” at the end of their latest teaser. The announcement of their latest project will be released at the Spike TV’s Video Game Awards December 11th. Check out the games that are up for awards here!

Check out some of the ATLUS deals going on until November 29th. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable and Hammerin’ Hero just to name a few.

Activision might be shelling out pink slips for Bizarre Creations, but Call of Duty Black Ops keeps blowing other contenders out of the water. Oh yeah, and it does not really hurt the fact that Black Ops brought in over U.S. $650 Million worldwide.

Activision is not the only one making any money around these parts. Microsoft has sold over one million Kinect units for Xbox 360 in 10 days and expects to hit the five million mark before the new year.

With more titles coming out for Xbox Kinect, fans of Sega’s Panzer Dragoon have Project Draco to look forward to.

Also, if I ever was a developer for Darkspore, my diary would go something like this.

For all of you other kids interested in some brutally violent RPG action from Square-Enix, check out Lords of Arcana. Its recent release date of January 25, 2011 for the PSP was announced.

Need for Speed has taken us to the race track, underground, and even making a mad dash from local authorities. This time, it’s back to the realistic feel of Need for Speed Shift. Shift 2 Unleashed promises the “blending the rush of tearing up the track at unbelievable speeds with the emotional experience of competitive battle,” said Marcus Nilsson, Executive Producer, SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED.


Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit has made a great debut at nothing but awesome². Criterion Games brought the goods.

Xbox LIVE Arcade received a pleasant old school RPG feel with Faery: Legends of Avalon. Skillful flying and exploration gives players a great chance to get to jump into some original RPG action. These and some minor camera issues nearly drove local legend on the soccer field crazy, but still not enough to give it a bad score.

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