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Published on November 12th, 2010 | by Cameron Woolsey

Alien Breed 3: Descent Preview

Alien Breed 3: Descent continues where the last game left off. Except this time, things are a lot worse. As the derelict ship plummets toward the surface of the planet below, Conrad must now fight through even more waves of alien scum to discover the source of everything that has caused him all this grief in the first place.

Gameplay-wise you shouldn’t expect anything different from what you have played before. This game is a direct continuation of the last and it uses the same graphics engine and camera as the first two. We should still expect to see plenty of monsters–plus a few new ones–and loads of satisfying weapons including the new Electro-Link gun that uses chain lightning to keep aliens at bay. Plus I hear tale of something called the “Project X” gun which just by name alone makes me wring my hands in anticipation. Co-op play should also still be included in Alien Breed 3 so be sure to have a buddy around who also loves to wade through waist-deep smoking alien entrails.

Alien Breed 3: Descent will hit Xbox Live Arcade and Steam on November 17th and will run for 800 MS Points or if you don’t like play money, $9.99 in US.

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