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Published on November 8th, 2010 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Zombie Crisis 3D review

Zombie Crisis 3D is similar to House of the Dead mixed with a little Resident Evil storyline. The game is fast paced and gives those out there seeking zombie execution instant gratification.

The game opens with a comic book style cutscene which outlines what exactly Dana, the hero of the story, is getting herself in to. A bio-chemical outbreak in an unknown laboratory? Grab your charger because there are some zombies slay.

The weapons are slim, but satisfying. In this game you take control of the pistol, which is infinite, shotgun, and mini gun. Although the game is similar to House of the Dead and its on rail shooter system, it is very responsive on the iPhone. Tappin’ and cappin’. Headshots are precise and body dismantling is quite fun, especially when there are plenty of variations in enemies so early on.

The mini gun is a lot of fun to use. Holding down your finger on the screen allows for elongated-true rail shooting. Reloading is just as easy. Tapping the gun you wish to use selects it. Tapping the bottom corner on the right hand side where the gun is pictured will reload the weapon in use.

One thing that I really enjoyed about Zombie Crisis 3D was the weaponry and precision. Although your fingers may get in the way of the end result of pulling the trigger, it is enjoyable thinking in your head, “I wish I could just blast him right, THERE in his zombie face!” Low and behold, you can.

The price does seem a little steep for a game that is not very long. Being that it is on the iPhone, you could probably draw out the length of total play time. There are probably not many people that will actually play it all in one sitting.

One other thing that I think would have made this zombie experience stand out a little more would have been an improvement on the sound effects. They are pretty good in quality and quantity, but they do not play nice on loud or through your included iPhone headphones.

Zombie Crisis 3D was a pleasant surprise and the developer took time in the opening scenes. The story moves along quite nice and there were some great boss battles. U.S. 1.99 does seem a little more fair and would deliver on all fronts.

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You can purchase Zombie Crisis 3D on iTunes here for U.S. 2.99


Zombie Crisis 3D has introduced a new melee weapon, the Fighting
Dagger, for players who want to put their guns down and get up close
and personal with their undead counterparts. Other weapon parameters
have also been altered to increase the gameplay challenge including
ammo amount, reload times and weapon damage.

Level bosses and monsters alike have received a boost in AI, allowing
them to attack more naturally. This adjustment combined with tweaks in
the levels of difficulties themselves will give players a much harder
time when eradicating the zombie hordes, especially in Nightmare mode
where the difficulty of pulling off headshots has been increased.

To start the zombie killing fun, pick up Zombie Crisis 3D for $0.99

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