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Published on November 5th, 2010 | by Louis Garcia, Contributor

Weekly Round-Up: Kinect, Dragon Age Meets Facebook and Reviews Galore

We had a fair bit of reviews go up this week ranging from a new Kinect title to the return to the Wasteland in the Fallout universe. Perhaps the coolest addition to the site was the beginning of our new Truth Pick of the Month feature. Each month we’ll vote on what we thought was the best retail and downloadable title as well as highlight a runner up.

The truth:

And you thought special editions were only going to empty your wallet around Christmas time. Killzone 3 has joined the not so elite special edition club with the new Helghast Edition for $130. It’s pricey, but the Helghast helmet replica action figure are enough to get me thinking about pre-ordering it and living off of ramen for a couple months. Maybe it can be my Valentine’s Day gift to my girlfriend…

Buy Nintendo games? Then join Club Nintendo! While you’re at it, check out the new rewards added to the service.

DirectTV has dropped G4 from it’s service. Tech heads who like Attack of the Show and X-Play can contact the provider and demand their Morgan Webb back.

EA and Facebook are partnering to create more games for the social network. More importantly, Dragon Age Legends is a robust Facebook game coming out of the partnership at the beginning of next year. As much as I hate Facebook games, the fact that I have over 300 hours of time (I’ve clocked it) in the Dragon Age world with the game, expansion, DLC, books and comic will most certainly lead me to proclaim Facebook as awesome once this game comes out.

We all love free things. Free video game however, are much better than the free box at your local garage sale. Check out how to play Battlefield for no cost.


The reviews:

I’m not a huge fan of sports that are all about two people kicking the crap out of each, but I’m down when it comes to beating up 3D renditions of real people. See if EA’s MMA title will get your fighting spirit going.

Pinball may be dead in the arcades (well, arcades are dead too) but Zen Studios didn’t get the memo and released Pinball FX 2 as part of Microsoft’s Game Feast promotion. It’s fun, but it’s, well, pinball.

Resident Evil series creator Shinji Mikami just released his new high octane cross between God Hand and Gears of War. Vanquish is one of the must-have titles of the holiday season.

Fighters Uncaged

I’m a huge fan of the Fallout series (I’ve logged in over 116 hours in Fallout 3) and New Vegas is just as good. It’s a good thing I held off to start the journey through the wasteland until some of the bugs and glitches were patched with updates.

We also have our first review for a Kinect game. While Fighters Uncaged won’t win any game of the year awards, it’s still a fun little title to get your body moving.

The first pack of DLC was released for Hydro Thunder Hurricane. The $5 price tag and much needed injection of new maps (Bermuda, anyone?) makes the Tempest Pack a must-buy for anyone who downloaded the zany boat racing game.

That’s it for this week, gamers. Now to find a buddy with Kinect and try out that sweet looking soccer title…

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