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Published on October 30th, 2010 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Goldeneye 007: Who’s Who

Here are some of the conniving characters that you can expect to see in Goldeneye 007 coming to the Nintendo Wii. Yes, Dr. No! With characters like Jaws making their way back into our loving hearts, who could say no to that pretty smile? Enjoy!

Baron Simedi-Appeared in Live and Let Die and keeping that groovy voodoo alive.

Ever wonder where Dr. Evil came from? Well, if you don’t know then…

Tong, tong, goose! Well, mess with Tong, a Chinese gang, and lose a hand. He tried to poison Bond multiple times, but he’d much rather sick his flame thrower equipped dragon on him.

Well kids, you thought it wasn’t cool to wear your retainer? This guy is an orthodontist’s worst nightmare. Despite the fact that he will bite through your jugular vain, he is also an arch enemy of 007.

An oddity and henchman to Goldfinger, he possessed highly effective unarmed combat
and an awkward appearance.

Known for the sleek wire used to kill he has waiting up his sleeve, he was also one of Klebb’s crew. Don’t get to close if he wants to show you a magic trick…

Gypsies, espionage, and Klebb. Rosa Klebb is #2 to Number 1. In this photo she is trying to save a cat from a tree.

He has a golden what? Eh, Paco? Well, I guess that is a good nickname for Francisco.

Tank Gameplay

Goldeneye 007 Behind the Scenes

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