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Published on October 30th, 2010 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

EA MMA review

Reviewer’s Note: This Game was Reviewed on the Xbox 360.

“The winner by knockout…….Gumby Bowser!” Talk about a ferocious fighting machine! This is just one example of how EA brings customizable prize fighting to the forefront. Naming your character is always great, but having the announcer call out his or even your name for an electrifying entrance is a special thing. Especially when you’ve got Bas Rutten by your side as a trainer/mentor he will literally show you the ropes or mat in this case.

There are many smaller details EA showed care for in EA MMA. All of these finer details make it a great-customizable experience. The LS and RS are used in the similar fashion of Fight Night Round 4, where the strikes are administered by stick movements. From the lower leg kicks that dip into your opponent’s stamina, to your fighters strut when he walks down that main aisle, EA examined thoroughly, with a microscope, to ensure that the authenticity was represented.

There are a few ways for players to get into the action. You can jump right into the pro arena or start the amateur path that will hopefully lead you there. Xbox LIVE or PSN calling your name? Just sign right in and get ready to possibly get the snot knocked out of you from miles away. Fighting in career or against a friend is only the beginning. Visiting Xbox LIVE or the PSN will have you paired up against an opponent that is a little more intuitive than your usual A.I., which may not be the case depending what point to you are in the game. Stepping on to the mat for the first time delivered a first class humiliation for me. Not but a few seconds in and I was snoozing without even blinking.

In the career mode you players can develop your character to be whatever specialist or well rounded fighter you may so choose. EA MMA also utilizes EA Game Face to add even more custom experience. For those looking for Achievements, there is an easy 15G for that. Now you can take your pretty face to gyms around the world to unlock special moves, gain knowledge on defensive tactics, or simply simulate to acquire points to level up. When you get out of the amateur ranks, you need all the help you can get.

When you start to reach the upper ranks of this MMA experience, you can expect tougher matches and tougher opponents. There were a few challenging fights that I thought my opponent should have won. Although making it by, I made my way into the Strikeforce realm and all hell broke loose. My first two losses were dealt in this arena of fighting. You learn to forget button mashing and keep your stamina with periodic pushes. This is also developed in your training for grappling and submissions. Grasping specific moves also may develop your fighter into the creature needed to bring down even the tallest, biggest, beast.

Click here to see my championship win from the EA site


The only real thing that would have made experience even better would have been more time making the announcers more authentic. Some of the voice acting overlaps if you get the hang of it before the actual “speech” is done.

For example, if you are being tamed by an arm bar, you might hear from them how badly you are doing. If you reverse this tactic and make an extraordinary recovery, the speech overlaps at times making the announcer sound like a repeating robot. Some of the other announcer’s flaws are things like his mouth not moving when the fight is ready to get started and his speech gets carried over. One other thing I noticed is that even though you may have gone for a submission hold or your opponent may have gone for a takedown, the announcer may say things like “This is the first submission attempt of the fight.” It was found to be most common when you are heading into the next round and it is the first of the round.

Final Truth:

EA delivered a great fighting experience. I can honestly say that I am not the biggest MMA fan, but, I was excited about every leveling up, gym visit, and when I learned the “Superman Punch.” Booyah! It feels great delivering smashing round house kicks that turn into knockouts after whaling a few hammering blows.

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+Great career mode
+Meaningful achievements
-Voice acting
-Loading times

[xrr label=”Rating: 8/10″ rating=8/10]

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