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Published on October 29th, 2010 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Donkey Kong Returns, new trailer and screens

Donkey Kong makes his return along with Diddy Kong by his side. This time he’s packing more ground slaps and barrel blasts than your little heart could desire. Thanks to Retro Studios, a new generation of Nintendo fans will get to thoroughly enjoy Donkey Kongs rhino riding adventures.

Someone is at it again thieving away DK’s banana hoard. Maybe next time he should think about investing or putting them in a banana bank.

Anyways, players will get to use the Wii remote to slam and blast through some unique levels. Using the Wii remote, players will help DK in revealing secrets or to destroy enemies. This side scroller will allow 1-2 players to simultaneously defeat enemies. Utilize Diddy’s peanut gun or his jet-pack for some unique added gameplay.

If you have not seen anything about DK’s return, it looks freaking awesome! Enjoy!

Donkey Kong releases back on to your Wii November 21st.

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