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Published on October 28th, 2010 | by Louis Garcia, Contributor

First Monday Night Combat DLC Pack Detailed

Getting tired of the lack of maps in Monday Night Combat? Well, Uber Entertainment, developer of Monday Night Combat, just announced their first add-on pack for the hybrid tower defense and third-person shooter Summer of Arcade hit.

The add-on pack, “Spunky Cola Special,” will be free and add a pair of maps, a new mode and a plethora of custom gameplay options.

Spunky Cola Arena is a new single-lane map for the Crossfire mode that Uber promises will put players “into the action faster.” Survivitol Arena is the other new level in the DLC, and is a Blitz Mode map featuring two tiers of bot spawners.

The new mode, Super Sudden Death Blitz, is only available on Survivitol Arena. It’s a safe bet with a name like that, the new mode will see me and my Xbox Live friends getting slaughtered by bots in our bid to protect the ever important Money Ball. For more details check out Uber’s site. Oh, and say hello to the new Pitgirl.

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