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Published on October 22nd, 2010 | by Louis Garcia, Contributor

The Weekly Round-Up: Meat is Super, Sonic Returns to 2D and Nintendo Celebrates 25 Years of Mario

We had a busy week here. Sonic returned to his roots, Mario celebrated his 25th and a platformer starring meat was the talk of the web. Dive in to see just what transpired in this week’s round-up.

The truth:

Super Mario turned 25, and to celebrate, Nintendo released a Red Wii and DSi XL. With the 3DS coming in March, it’s hard to justify spending the roughly $400 for both systems, but I do love me some collectible systems.

Want to play some basketball as President Obama but don’t have a Wii? Don’t worry, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 gamers will get the chance to pit their favorite politicians against each other in NBA Jam.

Kazuma Chan makes a return in Yakuza. Normally this would be great news. However, the newest title seems to be cashing in on the popularity of Capcom’s Dead Rising series and is adding zombies into the mix. SEGA may have just run another one of their series into the ground.

Xbox 360 owners can smile knowing that the first wave of DLC for Fallout: New Vegas is exclusive to their system. Too bad the game has some pretty bad bugs, and not the radioactive kind (read below).

Did you own a Nintendo 64 growing up? Then no doubt you’re eagerly awaiting the release of Goldeneye 007 for the Wii just like the GT staff. We give you a behind the scenes look at the game before it hits store shelves on Nov. 2.

The Card Road really is as cool as it looks

The reviews:

DJ gives us an in-depth look at the new Medal of Honor title. See if it dethrones Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 as the current era shooter to own.

Our resident SEGA expert gets all nostalgic on us and welcomes back Sonic the Hedgehog with a hug and proudly declares his love for SEGA’s mascot once more in his review for Sonic the Hedgedhog 4: Episode 1.

Indie developer, Team Meat, just just released their new hard-as-nails platformer. Is Super Meat Boy worth the agonizing difficulty?

In our other two reviews we rate Castlevania’s latest foray into 3D and give praise to FIFA 2011 for its street soccer mode.

What we missed:

Remember up top when I mentioned bugs in Fallout: New Vegas? Turns out a team of 300 isn’t enough to catch every bug in such an expansive world. Chris Avellone, senior designer of New Vegas, compared the situation to real life.”It’s kind of like the bugs of the real world — the sheer expanse of what you’re dealing with causes problems” he told CVG. A patch for the PC version has been released, but a console version is still being hammered out.

I never ran into any bugs in Fallout 3, but I’m glad my copy of  New Vegas hasn’t come in the mail yet. There’s nothing worse than investing time into an RPG only to run into a game-ending glitch.

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