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Published on October 18th, 2010 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Super Meat Boy review

Practice your curse words now cause you’re going to need’em. Super Meat Boy is a comical dip into the classic era with references to games like super Mario brothers and even Street Fighter. While on the surface it coats itself as a challenging yet playful story of a meat square, things get a bit darker, as in the color brown darker, and a whole lot tougher. Team Meat is responsible for this debauchery. When Dr.Fetus darts into the picture and rips Bandage Girl from his meaty arms, Super Meat Boy must now chase the evil Dr. Fetus through challenging leaps and bounds to save the girl.

The level design immediately reminds me of games like Lemmings and the original Super Mario Bros. They have huge gaps that call for mid air slow downs and those treacherous obstacles scattered though the stage. If these things do not bring you back to a more simple time, then the warp zones that are scattered throughout levels will. Not only are there a ton of levels and bosses to meet and destroy, there are warp zones to discover tally on the completion board. Within the levels there are also “band aids” to collect. These are in tough spots and also go towards your over all score. These are combined together as other challenges when you complete an area. Another scored area is the amount of time it takes you to complete the stage. Get used to having sweaty palms and a some patience because Super Meat Boy can be super difficult at times. The toughness is made a little easier by the comfortable control scheme.

The controls are reminiscent of classic games, but with a new age facelift. The X and RT are used as turbo buttons while the A button is used to jump. The LS is used to maneuver meaty himself through the toughest situations. If you think you are going to run into that saw blade, you can control SMB’s in mid air. Jumping against a wall allows for leaps to and from, especially when needing to make the farthest of gaps. The controls are very responsive and do allows for some dastardly leaps of faith. While in most cases it is possible to make your way through levels as quickly as possible, there are times you must exercise precision. Lightly tapping the A button or pressing and holding it deliver variations in jumps. Needing to leap over a swift fireball but not graze that ever so sharp saw blade above your head? Well tapping A will make sure you leave without a buzz-cut. Holding it provides you with long jumps and those wall-to-wall climbs.

There is something about Super Meat Boy that gives it character of its own and that’s what the music does for this game. Not often does a game have such an awesome soundtrack that you are actually pleased at the repeating music in the background. There are plenty of variations and the music is closely tied with each area you play. Without giving away any spoilers, the stage where there is plenty of fire has a fiery sound to it that is undeniably sweet! Also, the sounds in general give a complete and cared for look. The cutscenes and warp zones provide unique and fitting scores. Never have I been so pleased with the music which is just more than a cosmetic aspect.

Let’s set this world on FIRE with our passion for each other!

If all of this does not make you want to run to your couch and purchase some points to get your hands on the meat then maybe the online leaderboards this game offers will. What better way to slap your meat in somones elses face than to show them up with your steadfast. Smashing on a stage and making your way as quickly as possible could have you end up with an A+ rating. Stack these up and you will have a great score and an even tougher level playthough.

The difficulty is the only thing that I could see shunning others from getting their hands on SMB. There were times when I had to simply step away from the controller while in a cussing banter. The levels get harder in difficulty as you continue and have a number of challenges that present them within. Also, when you are done with the regular light world of the game, its time to jump back into it where the levels have a higher set difficulty. At the least, when the replay trailer showing how many times you failed play throughs, you can laugh at all the times you splattered, were hit by a laser, or sawed yourself to death.

Okay, on three. One, two, thhhh…….wait! Is that lava?.

Super Meat Boy is a great experience. The game offers a TON of replay value. Level design, music, and the cut scenes are some of the funniest I’ve seen in a while. At 1200 MS points, there is a lot of bang for your buck here, but steep for those checking out all of the “Game Feast” titles.

+Amazing soundtrack
+Online leaderboards
+/- Achievement value
-No power ups

[xrr label=”Rating: 8.5/10″ rating=8.5/10]

Check out the preview for Super Meat Boy HERE!

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