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Published on October 4th, 2010 | by Cameron Woolsey

The One Stop Sonic 4 Shop

After all the talk, the hype, and the excitement, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I is finally going to be released soon on XBLA, PSN, and WiiWare. As I’m sure you can tell I’m pretty excited to see the blue boy back in action and in the best shape of his 19-year life. As you can now see below I have taken some time in gathering nearly every bit of media for everyone to enjoy. Now, now, there’s no need to thank me, I am a mere public servant who wants to spread the joy for the people.

First, here are my hands-on impressions of the game from earlier in the year at E3 2010:


The first official trailer for Sonic 4. The Sonic community breathes a sigh of relief to see that he is returning to his classic 2D roots.

As you can see from the trailers below, many of the zones in Sonic 4 will be reminiscent of the more famous zones from previous titles.

Nearly every Sonic title ever release starts off with a bright and grassy zone and Sonic 4 is no different. Watch some gameplay footage of Splash Hill Zone, a nice throwback to the famous Green Hill Zone.

Lost Labyrinth is an obvious homage to Labyrinth Zone.

Fans of the high stakes Casino Night Zone will no doubt love Casino Street.

Mad Gear Zone is a nice mix of Scrap Brain Zone and maybe a little bit of Metropolis Zone as well. Either way it looks like a place that Robotnik will proudly call his home.

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Excited? You should be. But I have one more thing to share.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I Release Info (courtesy of SEGA of America):

Pricing is as follows:

360 (XBL): 1200 Microsoft® Points
PS3 (PSN): $14.99/£9.99/€12.99/AU$19.95
Wii (WiiWare): 1500 Wii Points™

Release times are as below:

11th October – Wii (US territories)
12th October – PSN (US territories)
13th October – XBL (All territories) and PSN (EMEA territories)
15th October – Wii (EMEA territories)

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