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Published on October 4th, 2010 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Comic Jumper Review

Since battling his nemesis Brad and the reduction in popularity of Captain Smiley in comics, Captain Smiley himself must now “jump” into various other comic titles in the efforts to try and redeem him and his fan base.

Twisted Pixel offered Captain Smiley and Star a great opportunity to show off his moves in some meaningful guest appearances and fight his way back to the top. They even provided the duo with a small headquarters where trophies from achievements, other Twisted Pixel titles masked as arcade machines, and some of the other characters are now housed. Star eagerly wants Brad to be his brah, but Captain Smiley can barely stand him, his Brad-bots, or the fact that he has his own theme song. With the assistance of Gerda and the “jump” machine, Captain Smiley and Star will now have the redemption they’ve been longing for. Sorry Star, that power dump you wanted so eagerly to take may have to wait.

Each comic offers a different style of its own. Nanoc throws us into a prehistoric Conan-esque feel, while Improbable Paper Pals hits us with an art style that gives us a 1960’s Pow! Biff! And wham! comic feel. The Cutie Cutie Kid Cupids stirs up those Manga urges that you thought you tucked away with your embarrassing teenage years. Captain Smiley’s own blend of comic relief is something that you are going to have to play through to understand. There are also plenty of lines dealt from 80’s movies that will have you giggling while putting the hurt on these villains.

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Most the game is based on running and gunning, but even at that, it’s awesome. Precision accuracy is the best way to take out enemies, but firing at anything that moves can still prove fulfilling. Even dying comes with a laugh out loud funny send off. “You suck” faintly echoing off into the distance while particles of you explode in an old school Mega Man fashion. There were so many details and references that were well thought out and added to make this a truly great experience.

What better way to track your Pows! and pews! than with online leader boards. Also, things like accuracy, lives used, and challenges will have you jumping right back into the game to beat your old scores and unlock those ever so important achievements. There are also upgrades for items like health, your attacks, and your ever so awesome “save” that can get rid of all of the enemies on screen when it is too overwhelming. This is yet another awesome addition to the game and shows off its unique character.

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Twisted Pixel delivered on so many levels. Comic Jumper offers varying game play and has a very polished look to it. In some cases you are dropped into a 2D side scrolling beat’em up. It’s great to kick some villainous goons around the screen and in the next few seconds, with the turn of a digital comic page, you are blasting enemies out of the sky with dual wielded lasers. Changing pace from the run and gun may lead you in a 3D dash through doors utilizing quick time events in an awesome seamless smilin’ ass whooping time. X,B,Y, or A lands the right order of punches to keep you on a power sprint.

If there is anything negative that can be said about Comic Jumper-is that the difficulty level is unbalanced. This might have been equally reduced by some button customizations allowing for some more comfortable attacks. Things like aiming take a little beating from not being able to customize your sensitivity or change the action buttons. There are only about three to four that actually make good use on the controller and might have benefited more in those close call situations.

There is one thing that can be learned from this title. A wise person once said, “Don’t take yourself too seriously.” Games are meant to be fun to play, challenging, and provide you sometimes with a great story telling experience. Comic Jumper does all of the above while delivering a unique comedy/action experience. It’s a must have and an experience that not many can provide. What a great addition to the XBLA library.

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+Hilarious and fun to play
+Achievements and unlockables
+/-Difficulty unbalanced
-Control customizations

[xrr label=”Rating: 8.5/10″ rating=8.5/10]

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