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Published on September 24th, 2010 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Madden 2011 Wii Review (re[post])

Reviewer’s Note: This Game was Reviewed on the Wii.

Madden 2011 Wii draws up a pretty solid game plan. The controls are simplified and make the game’s learning curve feel more like a powerslide. With simple motions and the easy scheme of the point-and-pass will have you lookin’ like a pro in no time. Playing like one, well, that comes with time.

While playing against a friend, it was great/blood pumping to hear team roars, he was the Bangles, coming through the Wii remote. This small added feature is just one example of how the over all Madden experience has been improved. Players slide in the snow after hitting the ground hard, 5-v-5 is also a great way to get in a quick game without feeling rushed or lacking certain controls. The control scheme ties it all up in a pretty package and makes it a very palatable game.

Whether its gesture passing that might have you thinking about the prior years on Wii or the point and pass, it all goes down in a smooth fashion. Even players that are new to the game can jump in with the added controller edits. This makes it possible for young players to tag along and drop on-coming refrigerators while you get away with the touchdown.

The revamped franchise mode is something that anyone can pick up and get into. Ticket prices, simulation, and scenarios are additives in this big game mode. There is enough material here to drawn you in locally or online. Players can also take this mode and go for the ‘Legacy’ and have your true colors shine. This is all depicted with breathing stadium that shines with sufficiency or looks decrepit with disrespectful fans.

There are plenty of uniform variations, weather, and stadiums to keep you coming back to the game for more. With other modes and online play making a come back with the much needed “editing” of friend codes, it looks like a lot of suggestions from the community shaped this edition to the franchise.

Speaking of community, unranked and ranked matches will keep you occupied when you’re not working hard at maintaining your franchise or demolishing friends in local match ups. There has not been any news yet if the Wii headset will come into play sometime soon. Leaderboards and the Top 100 make it an interesting interaction.

There are a few small things that do not hurt the aesthetics of the game, but might catch a few players’ eyes. When playing 5-v-5 and choosing a play, hopefully you will have some good sportsmanship going on. Although the other player can choose their play and wait for you to choose yours, you might be a little rushed to make adjustments. As soon as the play calling is done, the ball can be snapped. If you want to move your middle line-backer or safety over for some coverage you better hope that the ball does not get snapped right away. This makes pointing to choose players a very quick and does not always deliver the best outcome.

Madden 2011 for Wii made some great improvements and editions. It has been a great time playing especially since the last Madden I purchased for Wii was 2008. The presentation, modes, and gameplay give an awesome all around feel.

*Apologies for the repost. Unfortunately not all edits and items were recovered from the original. Life goes on, so game on!
+Controls are easy
+Online play fantastic
-Minor details
-No headset online

[xrr label=”Rating: 8/10″ rating=8/10]

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