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Published on September 18th, 2010 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Linkin Park Revenge Review

Reviewer’s Note: This Game was Reviewed on the iPhone.

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t been into Linkin Park since, well, not sure. Even then I don’t think I could say that it was a huge following. It was more like, “That’s different and sounds pretty good.” Their music has evolved. Some people liking the new venture and some might be thinking that nothing has been good since ‘Meteora.’ Even so, Tapulous did an awesome job bringing a “hero” feel to the iPhone and reviving my likeness for Linkin Park. As long as I’m being honest, this game rocks!

Linkin Park Revenge does an awesome job keeping the TapTap feel, but also giving you the “in band” experience. Tapulous also did a great job offering a sense of space on the screen and does not leave the player thumbing around wondering if we missed the button or not. There are three buttons and they are a little more forgiving than other games on the market. Even so, it’s a fun time that still throws you through a few crazy-all-over-the-screen moments. Getting numerous combos allows you to pick up the “star” to tap during game play. This will offer bonuses for a few seconds, just in time to rack up those points.

Linkin Park Revenge offers some down right great presentation. Menus are easy to navigate and the graphics on screen are crisp. The song selection grows once you download the rest of the song list and it’s a wonder how many Linkin Park songs you actually know even if you aren’t that big of a fan. For fans of older tracks, you are in luck. Those who are looking forward to new songs from ‘A Thousand Suns,’ you will have the opportunity to play by yourself or against a friend over Bluetooth. Join another or you can host, time to get a splint ready, you might sprain a thumb or two.

The only negatives that I have don’t really hurt or help the game. While jamming through longer songs, it’s great that you aren’t booed offstage or hearing the “pinks” and “pinch” sounds that you do with other games. It’s a different game when it comes to a top down view, which you are literally looking down at the screen. It is easy though to get going ones you have a screen filled with miss’s.

Also, playing the songs on Medium and Hard are more fulfilling. The easy mode was something that I was willing to try out first. At least on other games, even the easy mode makes you feel as if you are hitting a note or making progress. In this case, it just seemed as though it was off beat and not jamming with the band.

Linkin Park Revenge is a great experience and is a lot of fun to play. If you are kicking back at work on a break, it is great to feel like you just rocked out for a few moments before you get back to the grind. Check it out in the iTunes store for you iPhone or iPad.

*Want other screens? Check out the preview here!

Download it HERE

[xrr label=”Rating: 8/10″ rating=8/10]

+Awesome controls
+iPhone screen usage
+/- Song selection
-Multiplayer only over bluetooth

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