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Published on September 17th, 2010 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

Brian Woods Bravery! You will always be Remembered

Brian Wood, Relic game designer, who was the lead designer on the Company of Heroes Online game. Brian was on his way back home in Washington when an oncoming SUV caused him to swerve and hit Brian driver’s side at full impact. Erin, Brian’s wife, briefly remembers him braking really heard and turning the car to the right so that he would take the full brunt of the impact. In this act of heroism, it saved his wife, but unfortunately he lost his instantly. Erin and their unborn baby survived as the baby is due this November.

The gaming community has been active all week with donations to his trust fund, which can be found HERE. The community has really stepped in for his aid. From publishers, other developers, and journalists, all donating to his fund. This truly shows the strength and tight knit community of what we love so much. May God bless you Erin and your child and we all know Brian is looking down on the both of you.


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