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Published on July 24th, 2010 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

Lost Planet 2 Review

Lost Planet that was released in 2006 was a commercial success but not much of a critical success. Although the game had its moments and a strong Demo, the actual retail release did not live up to the hype. Capcom four years later releases the much anticipated follow up. Lost Planet 2 fixes “Some” of the first games problems. The game takes place nearly a decade after the first game on E.D.N. III. The planet has warmed up and all the ice has melted revealing lavish jungle and desert settings, while snow pirates fight to maintain control over the ever changing planet. The Akrid are back and will stop at nothing to prevent your control.  You go through the game with different heroes, with inter twining story lines, and is episodic and will take your players through six different episodes. Keep in mind that the game is co-op which helps moving through the chapters very quick.

Lost Planet 2 is a great multiplayer experience. The Co-Op is what the first game could have benefited from, and does keep the competition between you and your friends (4) fun and engaging. The different things and people you kill in the game can drop a point cube, which goes into a lottery system, in which you spin to gain either emotes, weapons, abilities or character tags. You also get graded after every chapter based on kills, points you gained, bosses killed and loose points on damage you take, deaths, etc. The competitive multiplayer is better than the first one as well, but thats not saying much. I’m still not a huge fan of what they did with this multiplayer of third person firefighting, and seeing people constantly swinging across the map with their grappling hooks. There is not much depth but the option of it there as an add on for longevity to the title is respectable, and like I said it is better than the first one.

The character customization is a nice addition for the campaign and multiplayer. Yes that means that you unlock characters as you play through the campaign and can customize their weapons, abilities, emotes, and tags. There is a leveling system as well, that can increase your characters attributes to make you a stronger pirate in the campaign  or online. Dom and , Marcus are unlockable characters from the very popular Gears of War series from Epic Games. When you beat the game you unlock Dom and Marcus as playable characters for the campaign or multiplayer, but unfortunately you can not use the Gears of War weapons such as the lancer, Boom Shot, or shotguns from the series as their weapons. The two characters are stuck using the weapons from the Lost Planet game, which is understandable.

The vital suits are back and yes are as awsome as ever. I for one thought the Mech suits in the first game was some of the games best qualities. They make that experience much more enjoyable in the second with you being able to find a Mech suit in almost every major firefight area. Everytime you go to fight an Akrid there is one around as well, and trust me, in some of these boss battles you are going to need them. The game does have alot of fun to it, awsome boss battles, excellent multiplayer, but the game is also way to short. The game can be completed in a day if you power through with a strong party. This is not a lone wolf game. If you are playing single player you will be bored extremely quick. The story is decent but the voice acting is terrible. Character animations and voice over work do not match up and the save system sucks. You have to finish a chapter before the game will auto save. If you get to checkpoints through the levels it will not save and if you quit, or get booted you will have to start from the beginning of the last chapter you completed.  Overall the game is solid, better than the first, but is it justified by the full $60 price tag? Probably not


+ Awsome Co-Op

+ fantastic looking graphics

+ Great character customization

– Horrible Save system

– Way too Short

– Needed more production polish

– Frame rate drops in multiplayer

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