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Published on July 21st, 2010 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Spare Parts preview

Making their way to reach out to partner companies has turned out to be great chemistry for Electronic Arts. EA Bright Light, UK, looks like it has farmed up a gem. I guess you could say that Spare Parts is one great byproduct of this chemistry and extra mechanical pieces.

In Spare Parts, you will play as Mar-T and Chip. Awakening on a large ship and many strange areas surrounding, you must help other stranded robots and discover how you can leave this godforsaken place. Now it is up to you two to check out the landscape and discover how to leave.

Easy moving camera angles don’t leave your other half off of the screen like those painful old days where the camera would pan and murder you’re off screen companion. In Spare Parts, it gives you a little time to find your way back home to the action. An arrow points out your character, as well as a meter that gives you some time to save yourself. Maybe this time you won’t lose your bread crumbs or directions.

Making its way onto PSN and XBLA, you too will soon have the chance to throw on your pair of jet or magnet boots, 2 of the many power ups you can find and unlock in the game. Although many are available after unlocking them, you do not necessarily need every power up for each map area. Although, they are pretty fun!

*Spare Parts will be hitting PSN and XBLA Winter 2010!

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