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Published on June 17th, 2010 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

The Nintendo 3DS, quite impressive.

As I waited this morning to enter into the third and final day of E3, I thought to myself, “Oh I am definitely faster than ¾‘s of the people in this mob!” The gates opened for the date and it was off to the races. Too bad my efforts would only prove to be put in a hurry up and wait situation. The line draped for what was equal to an hour and a half wait, but I succeeded in beating the mass of coagulated people herding behind me. A security guard asked me while I was in line if waiting to play this “game” was worth the wait. The only answer is the obvious one.

The innovative design from the 3DS really put everything Nintendo is about and drills it down into a single piece of hardware. The wide upper screen gives you a 3D display, which can be controlled by a slide bar on the right side. The difference in the regular view and the 3D view really help you to compare the images, but also come to bring an appreciation for the technology. Goomba’s were flying up and out during the Paper Mario demo. The Kid Icarus demo left you soaring through the sky-blasting enemies and awing at the graphics and depth. There were so many aesthetic elements that were topped off by great pre-final product design. This not even being the final product still makes a great impression. The outside had many elements of the DS, but we know we can look for at the least is the wide screen and 3D depth.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? When it comes down to it, the graphics looked about PS2 quality. These were only demos for the show and I know that we can expect more when launch comes. The camera also previewed what we can expect from games that introduce augmented reality as well as general picture taking that brings your subject into the near field. It also helps that Nintendo has set up an awesome lineup for titles.

Here are a few they had on display and on the big screen for preview:
Paper Mario
Pilot Wings Resort
Nintendogs & Cats
Animal Crossing
Dead or Alive 3D
Starfox 64 3D
Resident Evil Revelations
Steel Driver
DJ Hero 3D
Ridge Racer
Samurai Warriors 3D
Codename Hollywood 61
Mario Kart
Animal Crossing
Metal Gear Solid
Kingdom Hearts
Just to name a few!

Most of the other components to the Nintendo 3DS were similar, minus the low-rise joystick, but nothing was confirmed because this was only a demo event. If you are wondering why there are no close up shots, it’s because we were not allowed to take direct pictures from the screen down.

For more information, you can always visit Nintendo.com

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