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Published on June 15th, 2010 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Epic Mickey hands-on @ E3

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Right of the bat one title that I was looking forward to most. Epic Mickey looked like it would be, well, epic. After getting to chat with Raven Stewart,who is the A.I. Programmer for Epic Mickey, and getting some hands-on gameplay. All I can say is that I was impressed. The story line from the three demo areas that were available seem like Disney really hit this one out of the park.

The controls for the game are fluent and was allowed to play for a good chunk of time. The A button jumps while the directional pad controls the camera. The plus button drops the sketch that you can use throughout the level for different aspects. To distract an enemy Raven used an old school TV. that was dropped. The enemy who was close, sat down, allowing her to enter an otherwise blocked entrance. Some of the other controls work just as well.

The Z button sprays thinner while the B button sprays the paint. These play two important roles in the game being that you will be spraying objects with either to defeat enemies or discover secret areas on the map. While you might think that aiming and shooting paint products is not so “epic” the way in which you interact with the level around you is. Painting is marked by crosshairs and pans while you spray. Instead of it just streaming from an over the shoulder, out of nowhere kind of thing, Mickey moves around while the spray is locked on the enemy, similar to a Ghostbusters type lock-on stream. Painting or thinning may help you discover a new area in the world you are in or like the demo, allow you to jump into an old movie screen and into a 2D playable scene of “Steam Boat Willy.”

The variations in level and in controls keep the game from being a linear experience. When I asked Raven if Mickey was either good or bad she answered that, he was “neither.” While she was explaining some of the painting, she also expressed that there were different ways to get through each map. “There’s not just one way to play the game,” said Raven. With the time spent with Raven Stewart and the hands-on from the game, I can say that Epic Mickey is full of color, bright, and has a great opportunity to shine in its release.

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