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Published on May 7th, 2010 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Murky Horizon Review

Release Date: May 5, 2010
Developer: Ham Studios
Platform: Xbox LIVE Indie Game

It’s almost like someone took the thoughts right out of my head, skimmed some lines of my last xbox indie review, and created an awesome game. Murky Horizon by Ham Studios is another solid game that can be found in the Indie section of XboxLive. Murky Horizon has a few similarities that can be found in other shooters. If you check out my review for Zombie Defense, then you could fully compare the two and a few of their like trades. For the most part, both of which are 80 points or 1 whopping U.S. dollar. There are many things that do set Murky Horizon apart but still keep the game enticing.

Flashlight tag?

Murky Horizon’s gameplay is broken up into two portions. The first selectable portion is the “defense” area. In both cases you are attacked by giant lizards, but to me, they resemble the Scags from Borderlands. The view is from a top down perspective and easily shares the whole area of the map. In the center is where “home” can be found. While defending your “home” you have turrets and blockades at your disposal. You can build to block yourself, or set the lizards into a tunnel of doom. Although you do not have health, or health bar in this mode, the enemies can claw and bite at your residence.

The other mode is the survival mode. In this case you will have your health bar above you, but don’t worry, every now and then you will get a health pack to keep’ on fightin’. There are also other items that you can pick up. Money, weapon upgrades, and health are all available. These are just a few of the power ups that you can expect to see. Both instances challenge you to create an area for safety. This sounds easy right? What happens when the lights go out? No sun? This is one of the main aspects that has Murky Horizon on key with other top down shooters in the genre.

Summer landscape position open. Must be willing to slay mutant Gila monsters.

Murky Horizon tops my list of Indie Games. It could use some XboxLive support in the multiplayer department, but you still have the option to gun-it with a friend or friends. All of these great things for just one buck-a-roo!

Make sure to visit Ham Studios for more info!

+Expands on typical game types
+Multiplayer and different game modes
+Powerups vary
-No online leader boards
-Vibration support

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