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Published on May 5th, 2010 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Tap Tap Revenge Goes Hard

Release Date: July 17, 2008
Developer: Tapulous
Platform: iOS [Reviewed], Android

Tapulous has been busy with Tap Tap Revenge. There’s a lot going on with that front, and I figure you should know about it, ya know?

Tap Tap Revenge: Justin Bieber

I’ll start off telling you the absolute truth about this game: as far as backgrounds go, unless you’re a teenage girl, you may be left a little… surprised. There’s tons of Bieber in the background, full of much “I heart Justin”. Considering that this app is made for teenage girls, you can’t be surprised too much at that.

The music sounds a lot better than I expected from everyone making fun of the kid. Sure, he blew up Twitter for a couple of weeks (and still is), but what’s there isn’t bad. “Baby ft. Ludacris”, “Never Let You Go” & “U Smile” come in the package and you can download eightother songs – for free, at that. There’s lots of worse music out there, that’s for sure. The fact that Ludacris is on “Baby” helps a ton.

If you’ve ever played Guitar Hero/Rock band or any other Tap Tap Revenge, you already know how fun it can be. My suggestion? Stay away from Hard, and just plain ignore Extreme. If you can play that, you’re as magical as a unicorn playing football with a griffon while Harry Potter casts spells on it’s back. Yes, seriously.

Combine the family-friendly music with Facebook integration & the fact that this targets the teens & tweens already, and you have the recipe for a perfect storm. A teenage Justin Bieber Tap Tap download storm. Teens (and teens at heart) can’t go wrong with Tap Tap: Justin Bieber. You can buy it on Buy it on iTunes.

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Tap Tap Revenge 3

TTR3 is going hard as well, with this week’s Featured Track: “Drunk Girls” by LCD Soundsystem. I could tell you about it, but it doesn’t sound as awesome as the official verbage:

“Drunk Girls” is the first single off their eagerly anticipated new release “This Is Happening.” Like all things LCD, the album’s title can be read in many ways: an ominous realization, a disbelieving question,or a simple, joyous declaration about the record’s house-party abilities. With “Drunk Girls”, they’ve channeled both Velvet Underground and early Beastie Boys to give us the greatest hipster party chant of the year, and set up many late-night lyric debate sessions. Put this one and watch the dance floor fill up. Remember: just because you’re witty and clever doesn’t mean you don’t like to get it on!

You can’t beat the price either – it’s free. Add in that TTR3 is free in the first place, and you see how this awesome adds up! Pick it up on Buy it on iTunes.

Tap Tap Radiation

Like TTR3, Tap Tap Radiation is a free app, but this one’s made for the iPad. I haven’t played it personally, but it looks like some of the visualizers you see on the Xbox 360, but way more interactive. Have a look at it on Buy it on iTunes.

Not to mention that all of these have Tapulous avatar integration, so playing more nets you more coins, which net you more avatar gear. Just sayin’.

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