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Published on May 1st, 2010 | by Brian Browne

Madden NFL 11 Gameflow/Gameplan

There are going to be some new features that will be available for us in Madden NFL 11. One of these will be the Gameflow application. After the shipping of Madden NFL 10 last year, the team at EA Sports was able to look at some actual NFL game footage and the way the plays were called. They noticed how different their play calling system was from the way the professionals did it. While this was a daunting task, the Madden NFL 11 developers wanted to bring the realism to the game.

Most fans of the series can see the graphical changes that have evolved over the years, but not the foundation of playcalling.

The way plays are actually called are by doing your homework to take advantage of the team’s weak areas. The day of the game, the actual playbook is much smaller and is structured depending on the situation you are involved in. These exact concepts were very involved in the reword of the playcalling in Madden NFL 11.

The GameFlow feature is running while you are playing the game. GameFlow allows your coach to call the play and radio it in to your headset or TV. Subtitles will be available to amplify the audio, along with the playart feature overlay.  From here, you can do your best Peyton Manning impression and make your own adjustments.

After each play, you can use the GameFlow play or you can bring up your own playbook and choose whatever you want. This feature will allow you to customize the plays in the playbook and even “weight” them with a star rating. If all this seems to jumble up your brain, the team at EA Sports wants to make it clear that you can still enjoy Madden NFL 11 without the GameFlow feature.

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