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Published on April 22nd, 2010 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

20 Questions About Breach

If you haven’t heard of Breach up to this point, now’s the time. Luckily, here at GAMINGtruth we have the hook-up to get you educated! We got in contact with Peter Tamte, President of Atomic Games, who answered 20 questions we sent over about the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade and PC title.

How long has Breach been in development?
A little tricky to answer, since part of what makes Breach so interesting is the technology we built for Six Days in Fallujah — our Hydrogen engine — which we began building during development of Six Days in Fallujah. We migrated the team from Six Days in Fallujah to Breach last summer.
Breach is using the same engine as Six Days in Fallujah, the Hydrogen engine. How long did it take to create an engine that you were satisfied with, and do you have plans to update it?
We’ve put more than four years of development into the Hydrogen engine, including the various iterations of it we created throughout this time. It’s safe to say that we will never consider the engine “finished.” There will always be cool new things we want to add to it.
What made you go with a custom engine rather than using a third-party engine such as Unreal Engine 3?
We decided to build our own engine because there is no licensable engine that lets us blow holes in any wall or floor, shoot individual bricks out of walls, collapse structures, etc. Military engagements do not take place in static, unchanging environments. None of the licensable engines would allow us to create a fully dynamic environment that simulates how real combat works.
Does Breach tie in to Six Days in Fallujah?
Two ways– Breach leverages our destruction and advanced cover system technologies we began creating with Six Days in Fallujah, and Breach leverages expertise we’ve gathered from combat-experienced military veterans that we’ve gathered while making Six Days in Fallujah and a variety of training systems for the military and intelligence community.
Breach is multiplayer only and a downloadable title. What made you decide to make a multiplayer-only game that’s only multiplayer, rather than a full-on retail $60 game?
We want to help change the way videogames are priced. How many people can afford to buy a bunch of $60 games? Plus, we want to make it really easy for players to get their friends to play. With Breach, you can just call or text your friend, and they can download the game and join you online with the push of a button.
Will the game support LAN play (PC & 360)? If so, is there any chance of system-link support (on 360)?
LAN will be supported on PC. We do not plan to support system-link.

Breach will be available on Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade. Will Breach be available on Steam for the PC or will you use a proprietary content distribution system?
We are still exploring several options for PC distribution.
How many weapons are there in the game? Will there be distinctive weapons depending on which side you’re on?
There are 23 different weapons in the game. Each of these weapons is specific to a particular character class.
BreachGame.com mentions real-life spy gadgets. Do you have any examples that you can mention?
Sure. The “Sniper Detector” helps players to locate snipers by bouncing an infrared beam off their scopes. The “Bionic Ear” allows you to pinpoint an enemy’s location by sound, rather than sight. There are about a dozen spy gadgets in the game.
Most shooters have Team Deathmatch and capture the flag type modes. What game modes does Breach have?
There are four different game types, which we’ll be describing in much more detail in the coming weeks.
Will there be much size variation in the maps? In other words, will there be any chance to use long-range weaponry?
We would describe our maps as mid-sized and slightly larger. There are definitely opportunities to use longer-range handheld weapons.
Going with the current trends of online shooters, will there be a level-based unlock system or weapon customization in the game?
Yes. As you earn Experience Points from kills, assists, and victories, you will unlock new weapons, gear and attachments.
The destruction system seems to be much more advanced than any currently in gaming. Is that something you focused on with the Hydrogen engine?
Absolutely! While many games offer some level of destruction, our goal for Breach is to allow the player to actually use destruction as a tactic. The ability to collapse a building onto your enemy, or shoot a sniper’s perch out from under him, provides a unique game-playing experience. In Breach, the player is actually able to shape the battlefield.

The Active Cover system looks great. Did that start as a feature needed for the military simulators?
Using cover effectively is central to real military tactics. But, because the Field of View in video games is different than real life, we wanted something to give players more situational awareness. The most important impact of Active Cover is that it makes cover the most important part of the battlefield, which changes the pacing and tactics of the game. Breach is a game about using cover and destroying and denying your enemy cover.
Is the level of realism based on the work you’ve done with the military and their simulators?
Many of the technologies we’ve built into Breach were created to support our military simulations business. This being said, for security reasons, we don’t reveal specific tactics our government customers have taught us, except to say that if you already know how to use these tactics, our technology lets you use them in Breach.
Will gamers be allowed to change their match settings, say to allow less-than-realistic matches?
Since a true simulation would be boring as a game, we’ve made a few adjustments to ensure constant action.
On the Breach website, it’s mentioned that Breach aims to disrupt the way games are priced and purchased. How do you plan to do that? Does that relate to the tentative price point of $15?
Yes. But, to disrupt the way games are priced, we had to do three things:

  1. Give players an experience they can’t already buy in a retail box for $60.
  2. Offer solid visuals and gameplay polish.
  3. Price it way below $60.
Since it’s multiplayer only, map rotation is going to be key. How many maps are included with the game?
On launch, there will be 3 daytime maps, plus 1 nighttime map. We will release additional daytime and nighttime maps once the community has caused enough destruction in Breach.
Are you looking at downloadable content in the future to expand on the game after it’s release?
Yes. Assuming the community responds well to Breach, we definitely plan to support it with more downloadable content.
If I were to ask you to sum up the biggest reasons why gamers should get Breach in less than a paragraph, how would you answer?
Breach shatters the conventional ways of playing military games by arming you with the most robust destruction system ever released in any game at any price, giving you a cover system that gives you big advantages for using cover – even while it’s being destroyed, and equipping you with a dozen real-life spy gadgets.


Is there any future possibility of Breach and/or Six Days in Fallujah on the PlayStation 3?
Yes, there is always a possibility.

So, there you have it! Breach is coming out in the next couple of months for a low, low tentative price of $15. Question is, will you be picking it up as fast as i am? For less than the price the Stimulus Package, you can get your hands on a full multiplayer game with four maps, and likely more in the future. I’m there on day one.

In the meantime, have a look at this gallery of Breach screenshots:

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