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Published on April 16th, 2010 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor


One reason or another has led you or someone you know down the path of video games. It is an addicting habit that may cause you to spend long sleepless nights trying to level up or unlock trophies or achievements. If you are unfortunate as I am, the genre,console, and even oddity have lead you to admire these things known to most as just “games.” At, we would like to invite you to take a peak into some of our own personal game vaults. If you have not already checked out the forums or podcasts, here is a chance to get to know us a little better.

What is the most important part of your collection?

DJ: “The most important parts are the games! Without them, everything else is useless.”

Cam: “Wow, a tough one right out the gate. Hmmm. I guess the best way to answer is to say that I have many favorites scattered among all the different titles I own. I have many games from
many systems, and there are certain titles that will always be among my
favorite games of all time. Most of my favorites come from Sega. So I
suppose my Sega games collection will always be the most important.

It’s hard for me to say what part I’m most proud of. I like that I have a
hefty selection of Sega CD games which include two rare titles, Shining
Force CD and Vay. But I also like my Dreamcast collection too. Those games
brought me much happiness. And let’s not forget about my Genesis games.”

Unfortunately all of Cam’s books were burned to make room

Shaddz: “The fact that the stuff that DOES work works well enough for me to get my game on. Other than that, my collection is very, VERY mediocre.”

LaWiiG: “I think the root of the collection has to be my working NES, the other broken one can go kick rocks for all I care. Plus, it was the one that started my craving of games. Especially an early game, Kings Knight, which I finally repurchased about 2 years ago.”

What was the first thing that you could really say was collectable?

DJ: “I’m honestly not sure. I don’t have my N64 anymore, so that’s a tough sell with my current consoles!”

Cam: “I first started collecting hard-to-find games some time last year. Since
that time I have accumulated many rare RPGs, some of which can end up
being pretty pricey. The first REAL collectible game I acquired was
Shining Force CD on Sega CD. That one cost a pretty penny but it was worth

Shaddz: “My old Game Boy, when I realized that the clear cased original style Game Boy was a collector’s item, I immediately felt bad that I threw it away when it broke. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUU!”

LaWiiG: “Personally, I was glad I finally got an Atari Jaguar. Even in its mediocracy,20,000 buttons, and shoddy use of cartridges, its still an interesting console to own.”

If someone offered you the right amount, would you scrap it all and start over?

DJ: “That’s a hard one… I have one of the original PS3s that has full backward compatible PS2 compatibility…”

Cam: “Hell no. Unless they offered what I paid for everything plus a lot more so
I can get the collection back and add to it then…no, I still don’t think
so. Many of these games have more than just price tags, they have
sentimental value that can’t be replaced. Unless they offer A LOT of
money. Then I may consider it. But I have a feeling that I’ll still stick
with what I have.”

Hell to the no, this!

Shaddz: “Hell to the yes. I could use a 360, a collection of games, and such…

LaWiiG: I don’t think I could part with all the work that went into each item, new or old.”

What was the last thing that went into your collection, retro or new school?

DJ: “The last thing I’ve picked up was WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010, but I’ll soon have Splinter Cell: Conviction and Red Dead Redemption!”

Cam:“It has been a while since I have put anything retro into the collection. I
really need to hit up eBay again. I believe the last retro game that went
into my collection was a hard-to-find Genesis game called, Sunset Riders.
It’s a great arcade style coop game featuring cowboys and lots and lots of

The last new game was Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition. I picked it up for $14
during the Gamestop sale. I’m surprised to say that the aiming is actually
very accurate compared to some other Wii shooters I have played.”

Shaddz: “The last thing I actually purchased, like, WITH MONEY, was Modern Warfare 2. Like, when it was NEW and not shitty.”

LaWiiG: “Last item(s) to go into the shelving unit known as my “lair,” were my Sega 32x and God of War 3.”

What do you think the best tip would be for someone thinking of starting their own?

DJ: “Know what you want. If you narrow your focus to a specific console subset or game genre, it’ll make things easier for you in the beginning. Focus on what you want first, then build from there!”

Cam: “Research, research, research. Just because someone lists a game with a
high price doesn’t mean it’s valuable. Also, there are people who list
games for a price and they have no idea what they are trying to sell. I
have made off like a bandit with some rare titles that I grabbed for no
more than $20.

When starting out check out sites like Amazon, Craig’s List, and,
especially, eBay, my favorite site for finding rare games.”

Shaddz: “Start old, work your way to the new.”

LaWiiG: “If it something you really like, then you should always go for it. Unless you are Shaddz and you don’t have a job and must prostitute yourself for games and pleasure.” :/ But really though I find your local second hand store may surprise you at times. There are also plenty of great deals you can find on ebay.”

I love the rocker!

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