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Published on April 14th, 2010 | by Cameron Woolsey

Tonight, original Xbox LIVE is gone

Get your final hours of Halo 2 in right now while you can, because at midnight tonight Microsoft is ending Xbox LIVE for the original Xbox console.

Starting in 2002, Xbox LIVE quickly became the most successful online service for consoles. Sure, Sega did it first, but Microsoft perfected it by providing the smoothest application for playing games and connecting with others. Throughout the years we got to play some of the finest online titles you can find on a console such as: Star Wars Battlefront, Mechassault, Crimson Skies, and Halo 2.

And I remember all of these and more. Mechassault was my (and many others’) first Xbox LIVE game I played when I started up my first subscription back in February 2003. ‘Tis a sad day indeed. This affects even those who are playing last-gen titles on the Xbox 360.

But, with the archaic design no longer impeding, Microsoft is free to evolve the Xbox Live of today to something far better. How much better is something we can only speculate. Maybe a bigger friends list? That would be nice.

Of course, for many this isn’t very happy news. There are still plenty out there who are playing Halo 2 to this day. Bungie is aware of this and is planning a little surprise for those who decide to jump on Halo 2 tonight between 6-11, Pacific time. If you play Halo 2 tonight you will be awarded Halo: Reach goodies and for those who meet unspecified “super secret metrics” will be awarded with fun free stuff. I assume there will be some useless avatar crap to be handed out. Still, you can’t help but to feel a little curious, yes?

So go online and take down those last Spartans, topple that final AT-AT, and conquer that final dog fight in the sky. Tonight is your last chance. For me, I think I’ll go one last round with Halo 2. It’s time to bid my final farewell to one of my favorite time killers.

How about you?

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