Published on April 5th, 2010 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Monster Hunter 3: Demo Preview

Some positive things that can be said about Monster Hunter 3 thus far are its efforts to bring the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection a little closer to what it should be. It does look like it’s going to offer a bit more connectivity than games out there offered, but it does have the hefty task of not making the connection between gamers, well, suck.

The level design in MH3 does seem like it is going to be some of the best. Most first party games out there have the leg up, but I do think that Capcom has done a creative and seamless job providing a great environment. The expansive terrain looks as though it could give all you hunters out there great area to cover and map. It will be great to choose from one of the many seasoned hunters and head out to tackle some great game.

With that being said, let’s get into some of least popular areas that I do think MH3 needs to improve for its April 20th drop date.

-The Combat-

There are areas in the game that just seem to feel a little clunky or sticky while in combat. Swinging the sword and then trying to defend yourself sometimes leaves you in a tangent direction from what you are trying to hunt. This is important being that your monster you are hunting can run from place to place very quickly. This would not be so bad if it weren’t for the loading from each area.

While armed with a bow gun you can do a lot of damage. That is if you are not left reaching for the directional button to aim and then using the B button to fire. It is one of the worst moves, but hopefully fixed in the release, that could have been done in the demo. It basically takes away from everything the Wii set out to do.


Can’t I have just a bite? A smidgen? Smell? Sniff? Sip? Nothing. One thing that would have definitely contributed to the games success would be to see how the online play is going to, well, play out. There are a lot of questions about the reliability of the Nintendo Wi-Fi/friend ID/ whatever you want to rename it to package it with your game.

Questions do arise about sending messages or utilizing Wii Speak. The only mention about online communication were some gestures that could be accessed within the in game menus.

-Item Selection-

Running and gunning may be a little trickier than it seems. Selecting items through your list is a little bit more annoying than easy. I do think that the on-screen layout does provide for great aesthetics to the series, but there might be some room made to improve on selecting and using. Once again, insert Wii-remote aiming here. It is hard to throw a dung bomb on the run!

Monster Hunter 3 does pose itself to be a great addition to the franchise. The various packages should suffice for Wii owners who either need or have the accessories.

+18 additional new monsters to be hunted.
+Additional weaponry and characters.
+Online play/Wii Speak.
-Some improvements from Demo to final drop.
-Control improvements must be made.

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