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Published on March 15th, 2010 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Pack Priced; Enrages Gamers Everywhere

To say that it hasn’t been a good couple of weeks for Activision would be as much of an understatement as saying that Caramel Delites are a tasty cookie. We all know that unless you’re allergic to any of the ingredients, Caramel Delites are some of the best cookies ever made and that Activision’s last two weeks have sucked harder than an industrial strength Hoover.

Between storming Infinity Ward and firing the heads, getting sued by those former heads for due royalties, and handing off the Call of Duty Franchise to other devs, their hands are full of the proverbial “FAIL”.

Now, we get this nonsense. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s first map pack, labeled the “Stimulus Pack,” has been the cause of much ruckus (and the butt of many jokes) today after the announcement that the pack will release for 1200 MS Points, or $15.

The pack includes 5 maps, which at first glance wouldn’t seem all that bad, but all maps aren’t created equal. The reason gamers are upset is that of the maps in the pack, two of them are from the original Modern Warfare. So technically, you’re paying for three new maps and two that you’ve already played to death.

New Maps:

  • Bailout: a multi-level apartment complex
  • Storm: an open industrial park littered with heavy machinery
  • Salvage: a snowy junkyard fortified by stacked debris and crushed cars

Returning Maps:

  • Crash: a war-torn urban environment
  • Overgrown: which features a massive dry creek bed.

The “Stimulus Pack” is due to drop on March 30th for Xbox Live at the price of 1200 MS Points, while PC and PS3 gamers will have to wait until 30 days after to get their fix.

To clarify the problem even further, the current standard for map packs is three for 800 MS Points or $10. This wouldn’t seem that bad if not for the fact that the last two maps are ones that have been played for years already in the original Modern Warfare. Add in the fact MW2 is already the highest selling video game of all time and that they’re still selling copies of it and you have the perfect storm.

To get even further down the rabbit hole, most gamers’ wallets stop opening so freely once you break the $10 barrier. While you may say “It’s only a $5 difference”, to a great many people, that’s the difference between buying DLC and thinking of other things they could be doing with $15.

Personally, I think that if this pack was released for $10, it’d be worth it. Fifteen dollars is enough to splinter the considerable user base, even though it’s only a $5 different from the standard pricing.

The sad part about it is that people will still spend the money on this, justifying Activision’s actions both with the pricing of this DLC and it’s treatment of Infinity Ward.

Do you agree that the map pack prices are too high? If so, post this message on your Twitter:

$15 for only 3 new maps and 2 throwbacks? That’s WAY too much for the #MW2 Stimulus Pack! #MW2StimulusSucks

If they wanted to advertise a real stimulus package for Modern Warfare 2, this pack would be free and have 2-3 more Spec Ops maps. Not to mention that fixing the game-ruining glitches that are running rampant in the multiplayer before releasing paid content would go a long way to warming some of the already cold hearts of angry gamers. Activision should be giving gamers reason to continue supporting them since their business practices have been pretty appalling lately. They could use the good face time.

I’ll be voting with my wallet by not supporting this pack with a single cent. Luckily, not supporting this will be easy: my free time has been going to Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

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