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Yet Another Zombie Defense Review

Release Date: February 3, 2010
Developer: AwesomeGameStudio
Platform: Xbox 360

Yet Another Zombie Defense is a shooter that has you strategically or maliciously fighting for survival. It can be found under the “Indie” games tab in the marketplace. There is no other storyline than to make your way to the next round of zombies. Sounds like a pretty easy and simple concept, right? The zombies start to increase in quantity and I guess you could say quality as well. It never felt so right to spend 80 points in the marketplace.

Visually the game did a great job of doing a lot with so little. The street that is only lit by a tiny street light allows for some great explosions and flames. Whether your poison leads you to some satisfying scorching or some turret attacks, it makes for a a dollar well spent.

Your initial weapon is a basic pistol with infinite ammo. The control for each weapon and movement is simple. The right trigger fires and the two bumpers scroll through your arsenal or navigate the store. The left stick moves your character while the right one aims in the direction to shoot. For reasons unknown to myself, the Y button also fires. Trying to play this way is somewhat uncomfortable. It is used in other areas to place purchased items.

There are also a lot of weapons to select. Here is a quick rundown:

Wood Palisade: Keeps zombies busy destroying them
Steel Palisade: They keep coming back for more, time for an upgrade
The Auto Turret: Mounted weapons destroy enemies you can’t reach
Pistol: Efficient against the undead
Shotgun: Great for close range packs
Flamethrower: Great for hitting multiple enemies at a distance
Mini-Gun: Have a crowd chasing you? Mow the zombie lawn
Uzi: Great to hit a enemies close and keep’em back
Sniper Rifle: Whether it’s hittin’ singles or taking down doubles
Rocket Launcher: Great for explosions and multiple targets
Tesla Coil: Ever shocked a zombie? Didn’t think so…..
Laser: A very powerful weapon for the money

The basic store, even they have sales!

There are only a few things that I could really see as improvements to this game. When scrolling through your arsenal it would be really helpful to see which weapon you are selecting. Even if there are tons of zombies coming at you, a simple image of the weapon would be relief some slight headaches. Also, maybe not to get any more messages like this.

Just when I was really getting knee deep in splatter

Something that would definitely ease those headaches with some entertainment would be some much needed multiplayer action. What better way than to survive a zombie wave than to mow them down with a buddy. This game does bring back memories of games like Total Carnage and the Smash T.V. for those who recall those retro titles. (SmashTV is also on the Xbox Live Arcade) A camera angle similar to these others would also give better sense of the map.

+Great value for 80 points
+Varying enemies and weaponry
+Challenging levels
-Lacking some in game options
-No multiplayer

Yet Another Zombie Defense is an Indie game from AwesomeGameStudio.
Go check out the game description on the XBoxLive Arcade page here!


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