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Published on February 8th, 2010 | by Brian Browne

iRiS 2.0 Visualizer Studio Review

Brought to you by Altered Reality Entertainment, comes iRiS 2.0 Visualizer Studio. This is a sequel to the popular indie game iRiS, which sold over 1000 copies. Yes, the Xbox 360 does have it’s own visualizer, but for those who want a lot more creativity in their displays, this title is a great buy for $5 (4oo MS Points).

iRiS 2.0 Visualizer Studio was created by Andrew Thayer and allows you to share and download themes over Xbox Live. The game comes with comes with 10 classic visualizer from the original iRiS, 21 custom visualizers built using the iRiS 2.0 tools, 8 tutorial videos, and a demo song from the Protagony. In addition to all these features, iRiS 2.0 can access your music library from your Xbox 360 and your PC.

While there isn’t much bells and whistles to this visualizer, this is not a bad thing. The Pink-Floyd/Tool-like creations that can be developed doesn’t require a steep learning curve and will actually allow you to see the music. iRiS 2.0 was released February 3rd and is available as free trial and purchase in Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Rating: 8.5/10


+Amazing amount of customization

+Pulses and movement go along with beat of music

-Navigation of menus can be at times, difficult.

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