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Published on January 20th, 2010 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Mass Effect 2 Madness Continues

You thought we were finished with the Mass Effect 2 news? Yea, right – like that would happen! This time we’ve got some info you want that goes beyond the basics!

Mass Effect 2 Live Stream

So there’s going to be a live stream of Mass Effect 2 gameplay tomorrow at 12PM PST / 3PM EST on Xfire, followed by a chat session were you can have your questions answered and win some prizes in the process! Here’s the official scoop:

Join us at 12 PM PST on Thursday Jan 21st for a live broadcast of producer Jesse Houston playing never seen before Mass Effect 2 content on the Xfire network. After the live gameplay demo, there will be an interactive chat session where your questions about Mass Effect 2 will be answered by Jesse and one of the lead designers.

There will also be prizes given away during the event that include:

  • PsykoAudio Surround Sound Headphones (3)
  • Mass Effect 2 N7 Shirts (5)
  • ME Shepard statues (5)
  • ME Xbox Faceplates (5)

So head over to the Mass Effect 2 live broadcast page, create a bookmark and set an alarm for 12 PM PST. You don’t want to miss it!

The words very yes come to mind, and I’m suggesting you be there!

Mass Effect 2 Behind the Scenes on SyFy

So we’re a bit late with this one, but forgive us! SyFy is showcasing Mass Effect 2 in a special titled “Sci vs. Fi: Mass Effect 2” that covers the science and the fiction of ME2. Not only are there developers and experts speaking on the game, but celebrities and in-game voice talent as well! Battlestar Galactica star and SyFy favorite, Tricia Helfer is in the show as well as Yvonne Strahovski, widely known journalist Jessica Chobot, and even Wil Wheaton.

So yea, make sure to tune in on one of following times to get your Mass Effect 2 fix!

  • Thursday, January 21st            5:30am-6:00am
  • Friday, January 22nd                8:00am-8:30am
  • Sunday, January 24th               1:00am-1:30am
  • Monday, January 25th              1:00am-1:30am
  • Tuesday, January 26th             3:30pm-4:00pm

For more information on all of these, be sure to check out

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