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Published on December 4th, 2009 | by Craig Schorling, Editor

Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops: A Cam & Craig Co-Op

When we heard that Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) was to have co-op gameplay we were instantly excited about this. Co-op gaming has become a much more popular aspect to games and something that we personally expect out of most games these days. The ability to play any game with a friend or two in a non-competitive environment is a huge reason why we play games. So after sinking several hours into the “Spec-Ops” mode in MW2, we are impressed.

First to note is the sheer amount of content that is available in the Spec-Ops mode, as there are 23 missions and many of them incorporate different elements of gameplay and span the levels of the campaigns from both Modern Warfare games. These missions will have you playing as a sniper stealthfully taking out enemies, to covering your buddy from a helicopter, to racing on snowmobiles. The difficulty levels will ensure that you do not run out of fun anytime soon and you receive more stars based on the difficulty you complete the mission on.

This talk of stars might have you confused. This is not a “Mario” reference I assure you. You earn stars based on missions completed, difficulty, and in some instances the time it takes you to run the mission. As you earn more stars you unlock new sets, which contain new missions to engage in. There are five sets of missions and to complete them all on veteran will take you several hours at least. Even after playing a level many times you will feel an urge to play it again and try out different weapons and strategies.

Another nice feature is that you can play it alone to complete the missions but believe us, it is far more fun with a friend. This also brings up one of our minor gripes with the Spec-Ops mode. The same requirements are expected of one player as they are for two. To get three stars on the training course you will need to run it in 30 seconds which is a daunting task for one individual, but with two people it is something you can expect to get after 6 or so tries. It seems that difficulty should differ based on whether one or two people are playing. Also some missions involve taking out wave after wave of enemies and on veteran it will become incredibly frustrating to go through the same four waves over and over again when all you have trouble with is the final one.

While this is not the campaign co-op that many were hoping for, it sure is a step in the right direction and is a lot of fun to boot. After players complete the relatively short campaign they will be able to jump into Spec-Ops for hours of additional gameplay. So until a potential MW3 with campaign co-op, go grab a friend, and continue the fight!

Final Scores:
Craig: 9.3 out of 10. Even though this is not a campaign co-op game I am not all that bothered by that. Infinity Ward has brought us an addictive, action packed, and most importantly fun co-op experience. For a first outing from the series this is very near perfection and can pave the road for bigger and better things to come. With a couple issues stemming from the difficulty, nothing is major enough to keep this from getting an outstanding score. With the mention of downloadable content support, players will want to keep coming back to this game mode for quite some time.

Cam: 8.5 out of 10. The one thing that I like about Spec Ops is the ability to play through some of Modern Warfare’s greatest white-knuckle moments; from flying down a mountain on a jet ski, to crawling through the tall grass sniping unaware enemies at the ruins of Chernobyl. It takes the best missions from the two Modern Warfare games and lets you play them with a friend by your side. While most of the missions can be completed in minutes, with a total of 23 missions and three difficulties to challenge yourself with, you will still find a decent amount of gameplay here. Plus Infinity Ward has confirmed that they will be supporting Spec Ops with future DLC packs. While I would have really liked having all of MW2 co-op, Spec Ops is a welcome game mode that has kept me, and my friend, occupied for hours.

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