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Published on December 4th, 2009 | by Craig Schorling, Editor

Bioshock 2 Limited Edition Announced

With the release of Bioshock 2 set for February 9, 2010, 2K Games has finally announced the details on the limited edition for the game. For a price of $99 dollars for PS3 and Xbox 360 and $89 for PC, gamers will get a very nicely displayed package full of goodies.
The set includes:
• Bioshock 2 game
• 164 pg. hardcover art book “Deco Devolution”
• Three advertisement themed posters (think loading screens from the first game)
• Original soundtrack on CD
• Original soundtrack on vinyl 12” 180g LP

Not to mention that this entire package will come in a very slick box with some nice artwork on the front. Below is a picture to give you an idea of what this package will look like. Also 2K Games has announced that this edition will be limited to a one time production run, so if you are considering it just put on reserve (you can always change your mind later if need be).


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